My Personal Grounded & Glowing Testimony

Ahhh Yes, THIS QUESTION. My favorite question to date on all things GROUNDED AND GLOWING. Ladies, I am absolutely honored to share my personal heart with you in regards to creating this AMAZING lifestyle REBOOT program.

Before you register….. let me share with you a few facts:

  • G+G was created from one of the darkest and most challenging periods of my life.

    • From college to grad school and everything in between, after hitting my rock bottom, losing 10 pounds in 1 week because I was too weak to eat (yes… my husband really did have to cut up my food ), and being diagnosed with an extremely low functioning immune system with multiple viral, fungal, and bacterial infections (stress is so BAD for our bodies, girls!)…….. I finally said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and made the pledge to NEVER let myself or my health get so off course EVER again.

  • I battled with extreme stress, anxiety, panic, anxiety and panic attacks, fear, worry, and timidness.

    • Inside G+G, I share my exact blueprint with you in conquering these viscous traits.

  • I was held captive years after my rock bottom moment and began to identify myself with my “diagnosis”.

    • Inside G+G, I teach you how to BREAK FREE from past chains and fully AWAKEN to the woman God has called you to be, despite what has happened in your past. Sisters, I truly believe there is a reason and a season for EVERYTHING in our life; and ultimately… God will use it for YOUR good (and to Glorify HIS Kingdom!).

  • I frequently fell victim to society’s perfectionist pressure, inadequacy, guilt (for not being “perfect”) AND found myself completely exhausted, battling with adrenal fatigue, and sleeping less than 5 hours a night because I tried to “keep up” with the world.

    • Inside G+G, I share with you my sacred formula for letting go of perfectionism and tapping back into our roots as modern, holistic women of faith. Honoring our homes, husbands, children, workplace, and Church. You’ll learn how to tune out the superficial pressures from society and truly tap into God’s AMAZING call on your life.

  • My cup was ALWAYS empty.

    • Inside G+G, I show you how to keep your cup filled, full of life, love, energy and zest. I teach you how to be present with your children and family AND how to ensure that you are ALWAYS taking care of YOU- body, mind, and soul through healthy lifestyle practices.

  • I constantly strived for MORE and MORE and MORE and was totally unfulfilled with the amazing BLESSINGS that God had placed RIGHT in front of my face.

    • Ouch. Did this strike a cord with you? Inside G+G I deeply pull back the curtain on our overachieving, success driven culture (which by the way…. is an empty road, my loves… because really…. if you fall into this trap- you will NEVER have enough. Be careful not to get sucked in). I show you how to be SO overwhelmingly thankful for what you have, no matter what season of life you are in.

  • I was overwhelmed, didn’t know how to say NO, and NEVER made time to actually PLAY in life.

    • Inside G+G you’ll learn my secret to staying so positive, happy, and vibrant in life, even amidst the challenges! It truly is a mindset shift and I cannot WAIT to share this method with you

My loves, THIS amazing transformation was all compiled over the course of a few years. It was challenging. Life changing. Raw. Emotional. AND Yes….. a few (okay a ton….) tears were shed. But ya’ll… this is how true transformation takes place. I feel that God let me hit MY ROCK BOTTOM to develop the character, skills, and experience to share how I OVERCOME with YOU. Now, it is my job to share my light and knowledge to help YOU develop the skills, encouragement, and support that YOU NEED to GET GROUNDED + GLOWING as a woman TODAY.

It is my hearts greatest hope that you will join us today. Your transformation awaits. Will you make the jump? We surely hope so. Be moved. Be inspired. Be ready to TRANSFORM, Momma.

Register for G+G HERE.