Overcoming Fear and Anxiety as A Mother

So here’s the B-I-G question, Mommas… why do we live with daily fear and anxiety? If you’re anything like me, you know that fear and anxiety (especially that of the unknown) is like the peanut butter and jelly of motherhood.

The fear of… sickness, our child’s health, car crashes, germs, finances, mom groups, play dates, marriage, body image, school safety… Y’ALL, I’m just getting started.


So today, girls~ Let’s tackle this topic so you can shake living with fear and anxiety once and for all; ultimately leaning into a life giving mindset full of purpose, fulfillment, and unshakable JOY!!

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Why do we fear + have frequent anxiety as Moms?

I think this starts early on in our pregnancy journey, don’t you agree? The fear of not having a safe or healthy pregnancy acts as the perfect stepping stone for fear and anxiety in motherhood. As Mommas, we’re nurturers. We naturally care for those around us, including our cubs-so it’s only natural that we have an innate drive to WORRY about ALL. THE. THINGS. But here’s the deal Mommas, you must find your healthy balance. It’s great to be concerned and a protective Momma bear. However, if you cross the threshold and find yourself actually paralyzed or consumed by an overwhelming amount of fear and anxiety to the point where it starts to impact your way of life, then it’s time to take a step back and unveil what’s truly the root of the cause (don’t worry, we’ll go over this later ).

It’s more common then you think.

Whether you’re a new Mom of one or a seasoned Mom of 5, an underlying theme we ALL can relate to is the overwhelming love we have for our kiddos. As Mommas, we want to be in CONTROL of everything because ultimately we want the BEST for our kids. In the same breath, we must learn to let go and TRUST that God has GOT THIS. We can control some things (like the love we provide them, a safe home, healthy meals, healthy family relationships, etc), but we cannot control A LOT of things and this my friends is where faith comes in.

Will you commit to letting go of fear and anxiety in your motherhood journey?

You basically have two choices. First- you can white knuckle your way through motherhood, holding onto every season stressed and frantic because you WANT to be in control of everything and every outcome… OR you can open your hands and give your circumstances and life journey to God. Pray over your children. Speak life over your children. Do your best to keep your kids safe, healthy, and happy… then TRUST that everything will work its way out as it is supposed to be.

How do we overcome this area of our life and transform it into fulfillment?

In order to overcome this area of your life you have to FACE THE FEAR HEAD ON. Here’s what I mean:

  • Step 1: List out all the fears or anxieties you have about motherhood or your children (i.e. medical issues for you or your children, bullying, stranger danger, education, developmental milestones, SIDS, etc).

  • Step 2: List out the exact step you need to take to help yourself or your child in this area. For instance, if you’re scared of stranger danger- how can you educate your child so he/she knows what to do if an unforeseen event takes place? Here’s another example- if you’re worried about your child getting sick, ask yourself how and what you can do to ensure your child is eating well, sleeping well, getting enough exercise and in a loving/nurturing environment?

  • Step 3: Draw the conclusion. When you can list out WHAT you’re afraid of and create a solution to the problem, you’ll have a forward thinking, problem solving, action taking mindset. And this mindset, my friends changes EVERYTHING.

Don’t let your kids be consumed with YOUR fear and anxiety. This reason alone is enough for us as Mommas to be inspired to work on better managing this area of our lives! When we can release the need to let our controlling tendencies GO, fear and anxiety will as a result, begin to lessen in your motherhood journey. And that my friends.. is how we truly begin to BLOSSOM as Mommas. Fulfillment > Fear EVERY TIME.

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