Our Small Space, Gender Neutral Nursery Reveal!

Ladies, I have been dying to share this blog post with you! As my husband and I anxiously await the arrival of Baby Blossom (EDA: January 21, 2018!), it truly is a full circle moment. After struggling for 2 1/2 years of infertility, it is my heart's biggest joy to FINALLY bring you alongside our walk into parenthood.

Over the past few months our team here at Blossoming Mommy and Baby has been working SO HARD to ensure not only a beautiful nursery reveal but we've also specifically selected some of our favorite nursery and baby brands to help educate, inspire, and, of course, SPOIL you and your littles. As an occupational therapy practitioner, it is very important for me to find pieces that are going to be safe and healthy for my children and naturally, your children as well!

I hope you enjoy this entire post as much as we have enjoyed putting it together and designing it!

Before we get started, I want to give a HUGE thank you to all of our contributing brands. We are SO BLESSED to have worked with you. Thank you for not only contributing to our small space nursery, but also for your generosity towards the Blossoming Mommy and Baby Community; and most importantly, your commitment to bettering the lives of mothers and children around the world! We love you dearly and are forever grateful! 

LEGAL: As a general FTC disclaimer, all of the brands listed below did provide free product to our nursery. However, all opinions are my own. Monetary compensation was not received. 

The moment you have been waiting for.... Baby Blossom is coming! My design inspiration for baby boy's cozy space is a combination of modern mountain living, neutral lush, and of course... our home roots, ALASKA :-) Below you will find my key pieces in addition to my favorite baby/nursery products to beautifully tie together baby boy's nursery!

Now, before I share our favorite pieces with you, I want to provide you with a real, honest dose of reality (and encouragement!) for your ultimate design factor.

  • You don't have to have a large space or even an additional room to create a nursery.

    • Brian and I honestly tried to move for a good 8 months prior to winter season coming in Alaska! However, with the market now, we were unable to find what we were looking for in the allotted time line and lo and behold... old man winter made his appearance :) Our plan is to wait until this Spring to purchase our next home. Meanwhile, we are ROCKING this little nook for our baby boy's nursery! So, my message for you is this: don't wait for the perfect house to build your nursery. Make the most of what you have and go after it!

    • Baby will be sleeping in a bassinet in our room for awhile.

      • His crib will be used for daytime naps. We will continue to use his nursery for EVERYTHING besides our night shut eye... minus the red-eye feedings, which we will be getting at with Davinci Baby below!

      • The products and brands listed below are AMAZING for small spaces (and regular!)

        • As I said before, we don't have much room here in our little starter home in Alaska. BUT... that doesn't stop us nor should it stop YOU from creating a beautiful, cozy, and functional space for you and your little(s)! The brands we are working with are exceptional with making every space functional, beautiful, and of course, SAFE!

        • Finally, ROCK THE DETAILS

          • Our theme is cozy modern mountain living with a splash of lush, gender neutral, and of course.. Alaska! I love lining our walls with scripture and positive inspiration while keeping areas free of clutter and "noise!" When designing your space, think of key elements, colors, and designs (for me this was golds, whites, rustic, and modern) that you want to use. From there, search local stores and online until you find all the pieces you want to use to "tie your space" together.

Let's tackle the big, cozy, and always organic baby mattress first, shall we?! Allow me to introduce you to my all time favorite mattress obsession, MY GREEN MATTRESS.

  • My Green Mattress

    • My absolute Mommy must recommendation for you and your little. I have the Emily Natural Crib Mattress for baby boy and am absolutely THRILLED to watch our little cub sleep soundly away on the cozy (and safe!) piece. This mattress is made of natural materials, including organic cotton, wool layering the innerspring, and is green guard gold certified. Additionally, I LOVE the fact that these mattresses are hand crafted and made in Illinois.

    • Just when you thought it couldn't get any better... let's just add to our certifications :) The mattress is GOTS certified organic cotton and Oeko-Tex certified natural wool quilted cover. The wool acts as a natural flame barrier and naturally is resistant to mold, mildew, and dust mites (WIN, WIN!!).


To enter for your chance to win a FREE mattress, please see our Instagram page for contest rules and regulations!

Okay ladies! Next up.. we are chatting ALL THINGS baby monitoring. Whether you live in a big house or small, having a reliable baby monitor is VITAL, which is why we are SWOONING over all things LEVANA!

  • Levana

    • Can we all just take a moment and OBSESS over this modern, ADORABLE design? Seriously... we love, love, love! As I unpackaged and set up our monitor, I couldn't help but realize how nice it is to have a large screen to watch babe. I received the Willow™ 5” Touchscreen (which you Mommas will LOVE!) it comes with a feeding/nap timer, temperature alerts, lullabies, white noise and split or quad screen view. The battery life is 12 hours and will allow you and I to be at ease will babe is sleeping.

    • A few key features on this beauty include: obvious peace of mind in being able to check in on baby while and ensuring that he or she is safe asleep while you keep busy around the house. Additionally, the ability for expansion (up to 4 cameras for multiple littles!) makes the Levana a no brainer for all growing families!


To enter for your chance to win a FREE levana willow like I have, please see our Instagram page for contest rules and regulations!

Ready for my all-time FAVORITE multi-functional and UBER cute baby piece?? Ladies, allow me to introduce you to the one and only DOCKATOT®! 

  • Dockatot®

    • Literally, you guys. THE. BEST. EVER. Let's breakdown this beautiful, multi-functional piece by discovering EXACTLY what it can be used for including:lounging around the house, changing, resting, cuddling, playing, bed transitions, bonding, and supervised tummy time!

    • What I love most about this product (well, everything :-) ), but in all honesty, Dockatot® does an amazing job at re-inventing Momma's womb. For baby, this means a cozy, comfortable, and snug environment that is comforting and relaxing, making it an optimal place to rest, play, learn, socialize, and, of course, lounge! As you ladies can see, the Dockatot® provides a plethora array of uses. As an occupational therapist, one of the most exciting pillars of functionality come from the opportunity to help facilitate supervised tummy time for your little! Because the sides are rounded, the raise in height is PERFECT for propping your alert and awake baby on (under his/her arms). You ladies know how important tummy time is as a precursor to developing head, neck, and trunk control, as well as a stepping stone for those gross motor skills right around the corner! As a gentle OT reminder, remember to NEVER leave your baby alone or unsupervised during any kind of tummy time.

    • I received the Dockatot® Deluxe + Dock in Pristine White!

    • I will be using this adorable "docking station" for diaper changing, lounging, playing, cuddling, and yes.. tummy time when baby boy is older! My dock is set for 0-8 months old or 5-22Ibs (the Grand size can be purchased for 9-36 months!) and is incredibly lightweight and portable, which will be fantastic for our travel schedule! If you have an older kiddo, the Grand size is perfect for toddler bed transitions!

    • Added bonus? You can purchase extra covers to match any style! AND... the materials used are breathable, washable, and, of course, hypoallergenic with non-toxic properties. Each are handmade in Europe and designed in Sweden, which account for a super fun and stylish look. In addition, it is important to note that each product has been tested for breathability, is OEKO-TEX certified, are all natural and 100% cotton, and are the ideal micro-climate for babies and tots.

Finally, let's close out this amazing reveal by sharing our biggest nursery pieces, my heart... DaVinci Baby! Our cozy dresser and glider truly tie together the entire nursery and are my two favorite nursery staples!

  • DaVinci Baby (Dresser) is my absolute go to baby brand for all things nursery staples. With beautiful design and effortless simplicity, I am beyond thrilled to feature these pieces for baby boy and highly recommend ALL of their collections to you!

    • I received the Carter's Morgan 6-Drawer Double Dresser and am an complete LOVE! This piece complements well with the Carter’s Morgan Crib, Connor Crib, Kenzie Crib, and Morgan 3-Drawer Dresser.... and, of course, our glider, which is mentioned below!

    • My husband put together the dresser in no time flat. It is extremely sturdy and has six drawers with perfectly matching wooden knobs. I have been folding laundry and organizing the inside of baby boy's dresser and love how easily the drawers glide (safety bonus: stop mechanisms on drawers!).

    • The dresser is made from New Zealand pine wood and CARB II recycled wood fiberboard. As I mentioned earlier, the dresser is sturdy and the perfect height; plus, it is finished in non-toxic paint which is lead and phthalate safe!

    • You guys know I love my certifications :-)! This dresser is ASTM international and U.S. CPSC safety standards and comes with an anti-tip kit.

  • DaVinci Baby (Glider) is the most comfortable glider you will ever experience! Well, at least for me :-) In all seriousness, this beauty (I received the Olive All-Purpose Upholstered Swivel Glider with Ottoman) is an absolute DREAM.

    • Upon delivery, the entire chair is ready for placement in your living room. It is functional and perfect for Mom and Baby during feedings and snuggle sessions, but also has the beauty and to transition into a stable piece for your living room after baby is grown.

    • Here's what I love: the chair is soft, but durable, made from 100% heathered polyester fabric (with piping!) and glides forward/backwards/ and 360 degree swivels. The ottoman is perfect for resting your feet on and comes with a lower lumbar (back) pillow for additional support and comfort. The chair height is high for excellent neck and back support.

    • For my certifications, this beauty is free of chemical flame retardants.


To enter for your chance to win a FREE Jayden 6-drawer dresser, please see our Instagram page for contest rules and regulations!

THANK YOU again to our amazing brands that contributed to Baby Blossom's nursery. Mama, we hope you found your own inspiration in making any small space a gorgeous and glowing place to bring home your baby! Make the best of what you have! :)

In case you missed our Instagram video reveal, check out the 1 minute reel HERE!