Healthy Summer Snacking featuring Paleovalley’s Grass Fed Organ Complex!


Today, I want to talk specifically to you about paleovalley’s Grass Fed Organ Complex (Beef Liver, Heart, Brain & Kidney), as this nutrient dense complex is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING for modern day Mommas.

Here’s what I love about paleovalley’s grass fed organ complex (and why you should too!):

  • It’s an amazing way to get natural energy and vital nutrients for your body

  • Vitamin B12 is richly sourced in organ meats (brain heart, liver, kidneys).. which is so important for you

  • Paleovalley offers  diverse array of nutrients, gently freeze-drying organs to preserve as many nutrients for you as possible

What I want you to remember, Mommas is that although this may seem “weird”, it truly has been a way of the past, especially throughout traditional cultures around the world.

Paleovalley’s grass fed organ complex is also an excellent idea for you expecting or nursing mommas- as you will have an abundant range of traditional superfoods and power-packed nutrients which can often times be overlooked (and under consumed!)  As an expecting or nursing Momma, it is important for us to remember how important it is to replenish the body (for both you and baby) with bountiful ingredients and essential vitamin and nutrients.

I believe in paleovalley’s message as well as their carefully crafted and curated organ complex line for many reasons- those including:

  • 100% grass fed & grass finished beef organs which are Non-GMO and never given antibiotics, steroids, hormones or grain

  • 100% pure, with no fillers or flow-agents, gluten, grain, soy or dairy (Yes, ladies!!)

  • Wider array of organ meats to ensure greater nutritional value

  • Gently freeze-dried to preserve nutrients

  • Easy to swallow with no yucky after taste

If you are looking for a new complex to take-do the research for yourself, Mommas- or better yet, discover the anti-fatigue, nutrient dense superfood from paleovalley HERE!

Below you will find the supplement nutritional lineup AND the fabulous FAQ section as found per paleovalley’s site!


I suggest trying one bottle first and if you LOVE the benefits (which you will!), then head over and purchase 3 bottles (bundle up, baby!), where you will save on $$ AND will receive free shipping!

So, go get your grass fed organ complex AND don’t forget to checkout paleovalley’s entire line HERE!  ALSO, don’t forget, Mommas! Use code BLOSSOM for 20% off your order TODAY! Go, Go, Go! Paleovalley, thank you so much for sponsoring today’s blog! We love your message and your heart for providing healthy snacks and products to families. Serious LOVE, my friends. #AD

Should you have any questions directly about your health, please consult with your doctor first!


FTC disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Paleo Valley. Compensation and product were received, however opinions are my own.