Why YOU Need to Get Grounded & Glowing!


HELLO, Gorgeous!

I have been dying to write this post and hope you can feel, hear, and experience my PASSION through your computer screen.

Today I will be sharing my heart’s mission behind creating Grounded and Glowing and what this means for you, your health, and your happiness!

G+G is my Online Program teaching women how to break free from past habits and fully awaken to the woman God has called her to be using the signature Blossom Formula. Inside our International G+G Program, we service women who are overwhelmed, rundown, exhausted, and depleted of joy, purpose, and passion for motherhood (and life). We take each client down a nourishing path, gently ridding past patterns of what’s no longer working  with our breakthrough lessons centered on balance, clarity, purpose, and of course health and wellness.

Inside the program, I will teach you how to gently reboot and heal relationships, eating habits, negative self-talk and insecurities, and feelings of jealousy, anger, and bitterness. You’ll also be shown how to establish a strong sense of time management, life purpose through God’s Will for your life, and the ability to create space to focus on your heart’s greatest desire, passion, and radical self-care.

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If you are a mother who is:

  • Done with the overwhelm and exhaustion

  • Feeling out of control with your time management and virtually “NOT HAVING TIME” to do anything

  • Tired of balancing everyone’s needs and neglecting your own

  • Guilt ridden

  • Not fully present for yourself, your husband, or your kids

  • Not sure of how to make the right health decisions for yourself or your children

  • Doesn’t feel “good enough”

  • Easily frustrated, stressed out, and becomes unglued on the regular

  • Ready to change unhealthy habits involving eating, yo-yo dieting, exercise (or lacktherof), poor sleep hygiene, and/or lack of personal care

Then Grounded and Glowing is for you. Grounded and Glowing is the first ever International Maternal Health Program that will significantly heal your past and transform your current lifestyle in a healthy and fabulous manner; through motherhood and beyond.

As a Grounded and Glowing Client, Your Goals, Dreams, and Desires are my Hearts’ Mission. Therefore, upon G+G Graduation, you’ll experience and learn:

  • How to transform disappointment, sadness, grief, and anxiety into healthy, healing, and powerful energy.

  • Humility, Grace, Gratitude, Calmness and Patience through the Chaos that motherhood (and life!) throws at us.

  • How to break free from unhealthy and damaging relationships with: food, exercises, self-talk, others (family, friends, peers, colleagues, and more)

  • How to rid anxiety and fear

  • How to recognize panic and overwhelm + what to do instead

  • How to love yourself and others the way God intended

  • How to design your home and environment for optimal calmness, health, and vitality

  • How to awaken to the woman God has called you to be and NOT just go through the everyday “meh” motions of life.

  • How to be intuitive with cooking and how to nourish your body through food, exercise, and prayer.

  • Modern Healthy Lifestyle Tips, Tricks, and Must-Do’s for being an effective, savvy, and informed Momma

  • How to cook smart (and healthy)

  • How to effectively exercise for optimal weigh management

  • How to genuinely fuel your body and your children “the right things”

  • How to have unshakable faith in Christ

  • How to implement Blossom To Be Fit’s All Natural Solutions into YOUR lifestyle

  • How to recognize blocks and how to clear them in order to allow for behavior change and unlimited feminine energy.

My simple  question for you is this, What would happen if you broke free from your past or current habits and lifestyle? What would you want to accomplish in this lifetime? What legacy would you want to leave? How do you want to feel- emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally? How do you want your kids to feel when they are around you?


Become a Grounded and Glowing Client. Get UNSTUCK in Motherhood. Rock the signature BLOSSOM formula:

Signature Blossom Formula:

Break free + Awaken

Learn to Love Again

Overcome + Rebuild

Strength + Support

Stability + Security

Overwhelm + Mastery

Making Space For Your Transformation

I cannot wait to meet you, sister!