Why Moms Need Mommy Mentors

Hey girlfriend, hope you’re having a fabulous week! Motherhood is one of the most rewarding parts of life but it is also one of the hardest. Being responsible for every aspect of your child’s health and well being can confusing at best and totally overwhelming at worst. I mean really, shouldn’t baby come with a step-by-step instruction manual? Luckily there are so many resources available for new moms but the sheer number options can cause decision paralysis. This is why we need mommy mentors in our lives.Mommy mentors are other mothers who have survived the very real trenches of motherhood, learned to roll with the punches and thrive under all circumstances. These women often have children just a bit older than our own. Because of that, they can help us discern between what is important and what is unnecessary. They know how to identify ineffective, trendy techniques and hone in on what is truly important. They provide endless encouragement while openly sharing their own struggles and give mom-to-mom advice without passing judgement. They are the women who take notice when your toddler is throwing an epic tantrum in the checkout aisle but rather than dole out a dirty look they give you a knowing smile and offer help while you struggle to hold back the tears. These women are God sent and we benefit SO much from finding and sharing a cup of coffee while chatting all things motherhood with them! 

Finding mommy mentors in the very early stages of motherhood can be hard but it is worth it and we have a few tips to help you!

  1. Join a moms group. Mommy groups are valuable for many reasons that extend beyond our children. Don’t get me wrong the playdates and socialization will certainly benefit your child but the support we receive and friendships we build as moms is a priceless perk! Speaking of friendship, this post has some great tips on meeting and making mom friends who can help you navigate motherhood.

    1. Look to the women you respect in your life.Women who have small children just a bit older than yours are an obvious choice but don’t overlook your grandmother, mother, aunts, sisters or any other woman that you know and respect. These women might not have small children but they definitely have a valuable perspective that you can tap into.

    2. Don’t discount online communities. Meeting for coffee and playdates is nice but if your location or circumstances make that impossible consider finding an online community like Blossoming Mommy and Baby Women Facebook group where we gather with other modern day women passionate about holistic living for the whole family. Our group is a safe, gorgeous, educational, interactive, and glowing sanctuary for yourself and the entire blossoming community!

Mommy mentors are wonderful resources that help us grow and thrive in motherhood and beyond. If the thought of finding a mommy mentor is daunting and this whole motherhood gig is simply overwhelming, join the next Grounded and Glowing Class where we help women just like you overcome these feelings and master simple, beautiful and glowing lifestyle practices.