Moms Who Grill - Summer Grilling 101


I don’t know about you, sister, but when Summertime hits Alaska, grilling becomes a MUST in the Blossom household. Today we are taking things outside and getting our mom-grill ON! The #BlossomingMommyWay empowers us to face those areas of our lives that we tend to shy away from and I think that includes the grill for most mommas out there! Those smoky and deliciously grilled meals are easy to achieve with our BMAB Summer Grilling Tips BELOW! Enjoy :)


1. Don’t Overthink It

Grilling is similar to cooking on a stove and oven combined, we are just outside! A few quick getting started guidelines:

  • Whether you are using a charcoal or a gas grill, you need to pre-heat first! (Make sure the lid is open when you light your gas grills!)

  • Let the grill warm up for about 15 minutes

  • Once warm, use a wire brush to clean the grill

  • Oil your grill (Be sure to use one that has a high smoking temperature)

2. Make Your Entire Meal On The Grill

As modern mommas, our summer schedules tend to be jammed-pack full of activities, family outings, and enjoying the sunshine and warmth as long as possible each night (We LOVE the longer days here — #AlaskaLife). This is why when we use it, we aim to make our entire meal right on the grill. It makes for easy cooking and a quick clean up for busy mommas.

  • First, pick your protein, we love bison or moose burgers!

  • Then, pick the veggies, typically anything in season tastes delicious with the right seasonings~ garlic, oil, and lemon juice keeps things simple. Of course, the sky’s the limit, girlfriend!

  • Lastly, a fresh, crisp salad adds a great finishing touch to any grill-out and is easy to prepare outside with the grill. (You can even have a base of arugula or a spring mix, then add the grilled veggies on top!)

OR, get creative!

  • Grill pizza crust, add toppings, let cheese melt and flavors meld

  • Grill stuffed jalepeno or bell peppers

  • Grill blackened salmon and add to fresh, crisp greens

3. Invest In Grilling Utensils

Two tools we LOVE!

This grill basket is perfect to cook all of your veggies, and again is an easy clean up without lost veggies down in the grill due to a hole in a foil packet.

A meat thermometer can be super helpful! Don’t let grilling meat intimidate you, sister. Of course we don’t want to serve anything under cooked and risk getting sick, but we do want to cook all meat to optimal temperature without over cooking and losing FLAVOR.

Ideal Meat Temps

  • Chicken: 165 degrees fahrenheit

  • Ground Beef/Pork: 160 degrees fahrenheit

With these three steps, grilling is that straight-forward mama, you’ve got this. See you out on the patio!

Share your grilling adventures and tag us at #blossomingmommyandbaby. I’m so excited to see what you mommas come up with and accomplish on your grills!