Moms And The New Year, New Me Myth {Do This Instead!!}


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Hi Gorgeous!

This is officially the LAST DAY of 2018 and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably in awe of how fast this year went! From having our first child to buying our first home, 2018 was a big year of firsts for us and a year that we will forever cherish!

How was your year? Taking time to reflect on the year’s events and adventures is SO important! Please make sure you take time sometime today or tomorrow to pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee or tea and cozy up on the couch to reflect, pray, and dream of your 2018 and all that lies ahead for 2019!

Speaking of 2019...we’re all familiar with the “New Year,  New Me” mindset..the “I’ll start January 1 with my diet or exercise routine…. or I’ll start reading my bible then..” you Mommas get the picture, right?

We have this false sense of reality that this magical day is going to miraculously “fix” all the things we want to better in our life and quite frankly, I don’t believe in this approach.

The “New Year, New Me” mindset is FALSE.

If you want to make a change in your life and in your motherhood then stop waiting. Start today. Any permanent lifestyle change in your life is going to be the culmination of the habits and actions you do EVERY SINGLE DAY.

The small wins that nobody sees.

The strong will power and discipline that you practice in silence.

2019 is not going to fix you. But here’s what is:

  • A fervent pray life and clear, consistent communication with God

  • Self awareness within your Motherhood journey. (Remember BMAB’s 5 pillars of Momma health):

  • A no fail attitude!

    • Motherhood is hard but you know what… you’re doing an AMAZING JOB. You can’t fail. Instead, learn and get better. Show up each and everyday with the discipline to keep moving forward!

  • A way to celebrate your EDVS! (everyday victories!)

    • It is so easy to get caught up with wanting to achieve more, to do more, to be more mindset, and to fail to recognize how far you’ve come. Mommas! There is SO MUCH CELEBRATION in your everyday victories! Overtime, those small wins add up and amount to REAL LIFE CHANGE. You cannot be so focused on the end results that you forget to enjoy and celebrate the journey.

Okay, Mommas! You’re all set for an absolute INCREDIBLE NEW YEAR! I am so excited for you and to unwrap this journey together! Tell me… what are you working at to better your #momlife?? Let me know below in the comments or over on INSTAGRAM!!


Hey GORGEOUS, Momma!

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