Mommy MUST OBSESSION: RAWR Natural + Milk Drunk Line!

This post is sponsored by RAWR Naturals. All opinions are my own.

Busy  Mom life (and pre-momma life) is OFFICIALLY a thing. As I close in on week 30 of pregnancy, this statement is becoming more and more of a reality for me and for many of you! As I welcome in the beautiful chapter of motherhood, I could not be more excited to share my partnership with the powerful Momma inspired brand, RAWR Naturals!

RAWR Naturals  is a Mom-driven company that specializes in nutrition for mamas of littles. (All My Mommas… can I get an AMEN!?) The origin of this brand is SO AMAZING, ladies… as it is derived from a true story about a Momma battling low milk supply, despite healthy lifestyle practices. You can read more on the founder’s personal story, struggle, and victory on overcoming lower milk supply HERE!

I LOVE RAWR Naturals for many reasons, the first being that  nights of research and personal experience turned homemade granola bar and smoothie recipes into a successful business, which now serves Mommas like you and me!

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RAWR Naturals emphasizes the importance of healthy living for Moms with their unique product line of lactation boosting snacks (protein powders and protein bars) to help optimize your milk supplies, energy, and fitness in order to get your body and mind back after baby!

Although there are hundreds of recipes on the internet (and one on our site as well!) for lactation boosting cookies, there truly is NO replacement for having these lactation boosting snacks readily on hand in your (and my!) home.

The milk drunk products are specifically created for the longevity and sustainability of your entire breastfeeding journey. Packed full of galactagogues (foods and/or herbs that helps mamas product more milk and better milk flow), they’re perfect for your daily routine (breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner) and come in the form of protein powder or protein bars.

I have our stash ready for when Baby Blossom arrives and cannot wait to nourish on all things #MILKDRUNK!

Here’s a great breakdown for both the bars and protein powders, girls! Both will help to enhance your milk production while nourishing your mind, body, and soul! Um, hello… isn’t that our life motto here at Blossoming Mommy and Baby?! RAWR Naturals, we HEART you and your Milk Drunk creations!

Use coupons code:BLOSSOM – it’s good for 10% off anything in the store! It is only valid on their site,, not for Amazon orders. Coupon expires 12/15/17

Milk Drunk Protein Bars

  • Each bar contains six powerful galactagogues including brewer’s yeast, flax, oats, nuts and more!

  • 10g protein, 12g fiber and just 4g of sugar

  • Individually wrapped and ready to go – perfect for a breakfast on the run, diaper bag, breastfeeding snack, or even a healthy dessert

  • GMO-free

  • Contains no herbal ingredients, so they’re safe for preggo mamas (*this is a huge plus for me right now! )

  • A perfect post-labor snack to pack in your hospital bag to get a head start on breastfeeding


Milk Drunk Protein Powders

Medical Note: This protein powder contains fenugreek and should not be consumed by preggo mamas! I have not consumed this protein powder due to being pregnant, but you better believe in 9 weeks when baby boy is here, my milk drunk smoothies are happening!

  • A high-protein smoothie mix with 17g of protein or more – plus milk-boosting ingredients that include brewer’s yeast, ground flax, oat flour and 500mg fenugreek* (*per serving, remember fenugreek should not be consumed by preggo mamas!)

  • Nursing moms have an RDA of 71g of protein per day – while non-lactating women only require 46g of protein per day – a lack of protein can really be detrimental to your milk supply!

  • Each serving contains 17g (or more) of protein, 5g fiber and just 5g of sugar

  • All three DELISH flavors – vanilla, chocolate and salted caramel – contain less than 180 calories per serving

  • 20-serving bags are less than $2 per serving, or a “try-me” bag with a week’s worth of protein shake mix for under $20!

  • Again, remember that all flavors contain fenugreek, so mamas should wait until AFTER baby is born to try them –BUT…. RAWR Naturals is planning for a new Mocha fenugreek-free flavor that should be ready by January (yay! This is awesome for mamas with fenugreek allergies or asthma)

  • Amazing creations and flavors for each smoothie blend – almond and coconut milks, cacao powder, fruit, veggies, nut butters and more to make your own custom creations! (See my recipe for you ladies below!)

  • You can also use the protein powder to create healthy energy balls, protein pancakes, mug cakes, and more! Check out and follow @RAWRNaturals on Instagram for some crazy good inspiration and recipe ideas!

Use coupons code: BLOSSOM – it’s good for 10% off anything in the store! It is only valid on their site,, not for Amazon orders.

Ladies, I have been munching on the protein bars like crazy and cannot wait to add the protein powder to my routine once baby boy is here. Having a healthy supply of milk is so important and RAWR Naturals allows us to indulge in healthy, sustainable snacks to ensure this! Which healthy, nourishing treat will you be adding to your routine? I can’t wait to see! My next protein powder of choice is TOTALLY the salted caramel… CANNOT WAIT! EASY, PEASY, LEMON SQUEEZY!  Love the simplicity of everything #milkdrunk has to offer! My absolute go-to as a new, breast feeding Mom and one that you should be adding to your routine, too!

Living a health, fit lifestyle comes in MANY forms and is more important NOW than ever as a Momma. Take care of yourself, ladies. You deserve and the health of your family depends on it!

Don’t forget to grab your coupon and discounts!  Use coupons code: BLOSSOM – it’s good for 10% off anything in the store! It is only valid on their site,, not for Amazon orders.

XOXO, Jennifer