The Secret Ingredient for Your Best Holiday Season

Happy Mommy Motivation Monday, Blossoming Mommy and Baby Community! AND Happy Thanksgiving week! We have SO much together to be thankful for. As we reflect on thankfulness this week, make sure you are taking time to truly get still and recognize the blessings God has placed in your life. Now, onto today's Motivational Segment!


This week, we'll be discussing the ONE SECRET INGREDIENT to truly have the BEST Holiday season, EVER. Sounds too good to be true, right? Not so much sister. After listening to today's segment, you will be amazed at the power that YOU have as a Mother to truly tap into this skill, allowing you to embrace the holiday season with grace, peacefulness, and gratitude.

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The Secret Ingredient For Your Best Holiday Season 

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  1. The Holidays are an AMAZING time of Year!

    • Lights, music, celebration, Christ, family, food... what are you most excited about?

    • Femininity

    • Memories (Childhood and New!)

    • Kindness and Hospitality

    • Kiddos

  2. So Why Then Do Women Experience and Increase in Stress, Anxiety, and Chaos During This Season? Does Each Season Go By Faster + Faster?

    • The "Yes" Factor (i.e. Christmas parties, Christmas cookies, Class parties, Work parties, Cleaning, Hosting, etc)

    • Keeping up with the Jones’ Holiday Endeavors

    • Overconsumption of Social Media Highlight Reels

    • A never ending "to-do" list of all the "things" you should* be doing

    • Overspending + Overbuying

    • Forgetfulness of the Reason for the Season

  3. The Secret Ingredient for Your Best Holiday Season

    • The Secret Ingredient For Your Best Holiday Season is Self-Awareness

      • You don't have to keep up with everyone around you

      • You don't have to do everything for everyone

      • You don't have to rush through this magical season

      • You don't have to lose yourself and gain an extra 10 pounds

      • You don't have to throw away your exercise routine

      • You don't have to skip your bible reading

      • You don't have to give-up your sacred self-care

      • You do have the power to recognize what your body and mind needs.

Mommas, this season is MAGICAL, so enjoy it! Instead of racing through November and December, I want you to slow down (immensely). Smell the gingerbread cooking, hear the Christmas music, cozy up next to the Christmas tree and fire, spend more focused time with your children, volunteer as a family, get outside, carve out time for your workout and "Mommy time", don't buy everything for your children and family, and remember the real reason for the season- The birth of our savior, Jesus Christ! 

You can let this season sweep you away or you can take back control of your health and wellbeing. Slow down, use your powerful tool to recognize your self-awareness. When you can check in with yourself, you will be able to gracefully and energetically embrace this Holiday Season. Think about the emotions you want to FEEL and EXPERIENCE this holiday season and then...... DO IT!

You've got this, Mom.

We love you!

XOXO, Jennifer