Mommy Hacks For Reduced Stress + Time Productivity

Mom HACKS may just be the secret to a healthy and stress-free summer. Okay, okay, you're right... I can't promise you a TOTALLY stress free summer, but I CAN promise that these tips below will help to reduce your stress and increase your productivity ten-fold.

Below you'll find my top 8 tips for being a creative and savvy Mama on-the-go, ranging from health, to car travels, to sunburns..... I've got you girl. Here's to your most EPIC and creative summer yet!


8 Mommy Hacks For Reduced Stress + Time Productivity

  1. Use frozen marshmallows instead of ice cubes for a cold pack *This will help to eliminate unwanted and messy water drainage found in ice cubes/packs

  2. Create dripless popsicles by using a cupcake holder (placed underneath popsicle)

  3. Wash your kiddo's legos at least once a month with hot, soapy water

  4. Keep a spray bottle (with water + essential oil for aromatherapy!) to spray down seat belts on a hot summer day!

  5. Create a simple "cheerio necklace" while you're out shopping for your littles *This will keep them occupied and regulated from increased oral motor input!

  6. Use a visual schedule (pictures or writing) for your kids to follow for their morning routine

  7. Create natural Aloe Vera frozen cubes for sunburns (fill designated ice cube tray with organic Aloe Vera + freeze for 1 hour. Pop frozen cubes out and massage over sunburn).

  8. Make lunches and snacks on Sunday night to last you throughout the week

There you have it! I told you they were creative, huh! Which one was your favorite? I'd love to know! You can tell me below OR on social media (@blossomingmommyandbaby) and be sure to snap and upload a pic tagging me so I can see your creativity SHINE! Here's to your Mommy win! Now go out and start implementing your #Mommyhacks NOW.