Soothing Salt Sock for Natural Relief of Ear Infections

More often than not, many kiddos today have experienced (or will experience!) the common ear infection. Although never pleasant, there are a few ways to possibly achieve relief from the aches and pain. One of my favorite recommendations for Mommas is a natural, salt sock remedy.

Why a salt sock? So glad you asked! 

In it's natural element, salt has been used for many years to help draw out infections. Although it's not going to be the magic cure to an ear ache and won't in itself cure an infection,  it might be just the extra boost you need! When heated, salt and heat work together to help alleviate pain while drawing out fluid of the ear, making this soothing salt sock a great homemade remedy.

As always and as a general medical disclaimer, should you suspect your child has a serious ear infection, please go see your doctor immediately. This remedy will not cure an infection and should not be used to do so. Now, let's get to your easy-peasy recipe!

Mommy HACK: Soothing Salt Sock for Natural Relief of Ear Infections



  1. Place salt inside sock and tie knot.

  2. Place sock in microwave for 30-40 seconds or until warm (remember, not hot!)

  3. Mommy Reminder: Make sure your sock is heated, but not overheated. You don't want to burn your child's ear (or your own). Feel the sock prior to using it to ensure it has been heated appropriately.

  4. Lay sock on infected ear and RELAX.

Hope this helps, Mommas! What have you used in the past to help with ear infections/aches? Let us know and make sure you check in with us after you make your simple Soothing Salt Sock (@blossomingmommyandbaby and #blossomingmommyandbaby on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!)

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