How Modern Day Mommas Can Truly Stay FIT

Mommas, today we've got a KILLER post for you to put into action! But first... answer me this:

  • Did you rev up your workout game plan for the new year?

  • Commit to eating "all the right things?"

  • Promise to get more sleep?

If you answered yes, then you are in alignment with 99% of women across the world making the same annual health goals and this is FANTASTIC!!!


You know I always come at you with a question :) Are you really sticking to your plans? Are you really committing to what you set out to achieve at the beginning of the year? Are you really staying disciplined?

If we take a good, hard, honest look, most of the time, the answer is NO. Life gets busy. Schedules fill up.... and suddenly, your health takes the back burner (yet again).

Ladies, hear my heart---- The majority of women who set New Year resolutions fail to comply to their self imposed goals. This year, I want YOU to commit to staying FOCUSED on your goals, rain or shine. Got it? Good! Here are my Top 4 Strategies for Modern Day Mommas Truly Staying FIT this year.... ANNNNND all the Mommas said AMEN! 

  1. Reframe Your Focus..... Yes, I said it. You're in this for the long haul. No more short term thinking, no more immediate gratification. You know that anything permanent and long lasting takes time and this principle, my dear, is going to apply to your health and wellness as well. I want you to focus on long term changes, taking baby steps towards your goals every single day. Remember, there is true joy in the journey... find it and ENJOY IT!

  2. It all Starts in the Morning! If you're a client of mine inside our Abundant Motherhood Club or our Pregnancy Prep Program, you know the importance of morning routines. In short, before you start your day, I want you to get your workout, smoothie, coffee, and bible time in...even if that means starting a 5 am. Get up and get it DONE, sister!

  3. Celebrate your NSV (NON-SCALE VICTORIES!!) So often we are SO focused on the next goal, crossing off items on our "to-do lists", and obsessing over the number on the scale, that we don't even fully take time to celebrate being ALIVE and in this moment . Ladies, I want to challenge you this year to truly train your mind to live in the here and now. Don't be so worried about hitting the next milestone on your journey that you completely neglect your daily victories (even if they are small). Small non-scale victories ROCK and should be CELEBRATED. Remember, it's more than a number on a scale. PROMISE. Bonus: Looking for creative ways to celebrate without food? Try treating yourself to a spa day, a cute new workout outfit, pedicures, or a mini-staycation!

  4. Know YOUR WHY. Ahh... I love this one. As a Blossom To Be Fit Woman, I know you do too! Remember that staying fit and healthy is SO MUCH MORE THAN LOOKING GOOD OR A NUMBER ON THE SCALE. As a busy Momma, remember that your "why" for staying fit and focused is DEEP. When you workout, eat well, get a good night's rest, spend time in your bible, and truly take care of YOU, you're a better wife, mother, colleague, student, and friend because of it.

Stay Fit. Stay Focused. Stay on Your Path.

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In Love and Health,