How To Have a Minimalist Summer (for the family!)

Happy Summertime, Babes!

We LOOOOOOOOOVE summertime around here- Alaska summers are EVERYTHING! More than anything, we hope that you are enjoying your sandals kicked off, extra long summer nights, and maybe even a s’more (or too!) ?

Speaking of summer, today we’ve got a super powerful list for you, Mommas! If you love summer (which we know you ladies do!) then you have GOT to get the low down on all things minimalism and the importance of incorporating this lifestyle into YOUR summertime routine.

Before we jump to your list, remember this- we live in a society today that SCREAMS “stay busy, stay connected, stay plugged in, stay overbooked, buy more, spend more…” STOP! Y’all, it is time we take back simple roots. Calm roots. Minimalist roots. Comprendo? Good Let’s dive in!

3 Simple Ways to Have a Minimalist Summer

  • Spend Extra Time in Nature! With warmer temps, longer days, and extra sunshine rays, there is NO better time to get outside with your family. Challenge yourself to skip the electronic purchases and instead, vouch for free outdoor entertainment! There is something so powerful in connecting with nature so get out there and DO IT! From lakes to rivers, camping, hiking, waterskiing, baseball games, beach volley ball and more, make it a priority to get outside every single week with your family! Plus, the benefits of getting our hands and feet dirty are VITAL!

  • Know What You Have and Don’t Buy More! This tip can be tricky for many women, but it is SO important for us to remember ladies! From clothes to toys, cars, shoes, games, books, and more… remember the great advice Dave Ramsey always gives….”every dollar has a mission!” Got it? This summer try to live under your means. Truthfully. See if you can NOT buy a new outfit or new shoes (or anything you don’t need). Try it. Less is more. Minimalism is key! And know that there is a time and place to splurge and enjoy.. BUT, for now- let’s practice minimalism this summer!

  • Organize, Clean, and Purge! Just like Spring cleaning opens up space in your home, summer cleaning will allow you to really dig deep into drawers, closets, cabinets, cubbies and more! Get some extra baggies or totes and GO THROUGH EVERYTHING. Have a garage sale, donate, giveaway or throw away. You will feel a sense of freedom and breathability with the extra room in your home!

Ladies, I want you to experience joy, grace, peace, calmness, and rest this summer. Remember how important it is to implement the minimalist lifestyle. ! Implement this tips with your healthy recipes and remedies and you are well on your way to having the best summer yet!