Making Time for Quiet Moments

Ladies, we live in a noisy society that is constantly on the go. There is always something to watch, listen to, discuss or do. We fill our agendas with commitment after commitment often forgetting to set aside time for quiet moments where we are alone with our thoughts. This leads to the very real and, sometimes, debilitating feelings of overwhelm and anxiety that we work to combat in our Grounded and Glowing program. Living in a world that is constantly bombarding our senses and promoting us to “do” more than “be” can leave us uncomfortable with silence. In an attempt to escape this discomfort we dive into the next activity, eat more than we should, drink too much or gossip unnecessarily.By setting aside 10-20 minutes for quiet moments each day, you can: build self confidence, develop a deep sense of gratitude, discover or rediscover your creativity, recharge your battery, and renew your focus and ability to concentrate. As you can surmise, quiet time is important for people of all ages.

4 strategies for making quiet moments a reality in your home are:

  1. Establishing a specific time for it each day. We are creatures of habit and, after a temporary adjustment period, it will feel natural to observe quiet time when it is part of the routine.

  2. Minimize interruptions. This means you should turn off the tv/radio and silence all electronics. If you have little ones, make quiet time a family affair but realize that you may have to redirect them until they get the hang of it.

  3. Be compassionate towards yourself. If you are not used to sitting with your thoughts, know that it can be challenging. As we said above, we have been conditioned to avoid quiet moments so give yourself permission and grace to feel the discomfort.

  4. Show up! It might be easy to push quiet moments to the back burner especially when you are busy and have a huge to-do list to tackle. Resist the temptation. By showing up and sitting in stillness for 10+ minutes you will be more prepared to take on the challenges of the day.

Making time for quiet moments, allows us to reconnect to our true self and become grounded in what truly matters in life. If you need an added dose of inspiration subscribe to our Podcast show or follow us on Facebook!