Making Mom Friends

Hello gorgeous friend!! We hope you’re having a fabulous Monday! Today we want to speak to something near and dear to our heart. Mommyhood, in all it’s glory, can make you feel disconnected from the other people in your life. The all day, every day needs of your little one will keep you SO busy and sometimes too exhausted to invest in your friendships and social relationships.  Couple that with the very real anxiety of leaving your baby and you have a recipe for loneliness.We want you to know that these feelings are VALID and many (if not all) women struggle with it at some point. Sweet sister, you may feel lonely but you are so far from being alone! Finding other moms who: understand the stage of life that you are in, are able to laugh and cry over that spilled milk (literally and figuratively) and willing to weather the stormy parts of motherhood with you is a HUGE blessing because we all need counsel.

We get it. Getting out of the house with your little one(s) is challenging but finding other women who understand what you’re going through and make a point to speak life-giving words to you makes the struggle totally worth it!

See below for our top four ways to make mom friends!

  1. Look to your church! Churches often have wonderful resources for moms whether it’s a small group designed specifically for moms, a mother’s day out program or a generic women’s fellowship group, get involved and don’t be shy about putting yourself out there! If your church doesn’t have a formal group, ask a mother’s bible study! Some of our favorite are: God’s Wisdom for a Mother’s Heart and Hope Unfolding

  2. Join a neighborhood group. Moms of Preschoolers (MOPs) is a fabulous national organization that strives to, “help mothers become more brave, kind and honest one gathering at a time.” If there isn’t a MOPs group in your area, consider starting one because chances are there are other moms searching for friendship just like you!

  3. Sign your little one up for a class! Music class, gymnastics (if old enough) and free story-time at your local library are all wonderful options. Strike up a conversation before or after the class, you’ll be shocked how effective this one is!

  4. Take your kiddos to the park for a walk or to play on the playground and have the courage to swap contact info!

You might have noticed that all of these strategies require that you step out of your comfort zone. We know that can be scary but your risk will eventually pay off. We have faith that you can do it, mama! We hope that you found this post helpful but if you need more tips check out this adorably funny book on making lasting mommy friendships.

And if this topic speaks to you we want to hear about it! Share your experience with us in the comments and share your favorite tips for making mama friends on our facebook! Lots of love, girlfriend!