Making the Christmas Spirit Last All Year

Merry Christmas, Gorgeous! As we all know this season is grounded in the celebration of Jesus’ birth, the redemption he promised and his message that we should be opening our hearts, practicing gratitude, charity, kindness and forgiveness every day. It’s (almost) easy to do that with all of the festive decorations and not so subtle messages about joy and love being plastered almost everywhere we go throughout the holiday season.

But after the tree comes down and the decorations are packed away the world often seems to lose sight of it’s Christmas spirit. It doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, it shouldn’t be and as Christians we are charged with making Christmas spirit last all year long. How do we go about doing that?

  1. Understand the true spirit of Christmas and what that means. We know that Christmas is not supposed to be all about the gifts, food and parties, although that truly is part of it, rather it is a time for spreading cheer, hope and God’s love. Having Christmas spirit means that we have Christ at the very forefront of our lives and thoughts and this means we should live the Christmas spirit every day.

  2. Recognize Jesus’ presence. Jesus is always present, in the best of times and the worst. Each situation, challenge, scenario is an opportunity for us to draw nearer to Him. Take advantage of these opportunities!

  3. Serve others joyfully.Women tend to be inherent nurturers and, as such, we often find ourselves in the position to serve our children, spouses, friends, family or even strangers. Serving others with a joyful heart can be challenging but if Jesus, our Lord Savior and King of Kings, was willing to joyfully wash the feet of his disciples we should follow suit. If you find yourself getting weary in this role, take a step back. Do you need to reserve more time for to fill your own cup through revitalizing self-care practices so you aren’t tapped out when you set out to do His good work? Do you need to rediscover your joy or reclaim the bliss of motherhood by taking part in a transformative lifestyle program like our Grounded and Glowing class?

  4. Read and study the Word. The Bible is our direct link to knowing Jesus and by studying His word we grow to understand Him better. With each passage we glean wisdom and grow more resolute in our faith. There are SO many ways to study the word! Join a bible study, pick up a devotional, participate in your church’s small groups.

There you have it, girlfriend! 4 actionable ways to make Christmas spirit last all year! We hope that you have a magical holiday surrounded by your loved ones and wrapped in Jesus’ embrace.