Make Tummy Time More ENJOYABLE with these Simple Steps!

As an Occupational Therapist, you better believe that the trendy title of  "tummy time" is one I wholeheartedly teach (and preach)! In simple terms, tummy time is VITAL for your little because it helps him/her develop strength (head, neck, shoulders, back, trunk), helps to prevent positional plagiocephaly (flat head) and lays the foundation for essential motor skills needed for development (crawling, walking, sitting....) and you guessed it.... LIFE!

What I want you to remember is this, tummy time is going to look different for each child. Different resources tell us different "guides" on how much time your little should be in tummy time each day- and Mommas, this really is going to depend on your child, their unique circumstances, and YOUR guidance.


  1. Start Small (Limited Time, Extra Support!)

  2. Never EVER EVER leave your child unattended or unsupervised during tummy time.

Make Tummy Time More ENJOYABLE with these Simple Steps!

*Remember, always consult with your Doctor should you have any questions or concerns prior! This article should NEVER take place over your Doctor's advice or your child's specific needs* 

Be engaged!

Staying active with your little- engaging in eye contact, cooing, talking, clapping, and playing are all fantastic ideas for making "tummy time" a little more VIBRANT!

Use motivating toys

Place familiar and preferred toys on the floor to help encourage natural play, reaching, and mobility.


And all the Mommas said AMEN :-) Lay or sit with baby on your chest (chest to chest). Plus.. with this tip, your little is getting the benefits of skin to skin with Mom! Win, Win!

Use a Therapy Ball

This takes a lot of hands on, Momma. This should be used to your discretion and of course, the ability of your little! With a therapy ball, the angle at which your baby's tummy is on the ball will determine the comfort and challenge. Gently place baby on top of the ball (tummy down), with your hands firmly on baby and the ball. Your time shouldn't be long- just a few seconds to start is perfect! Together, gently and slowly roll the ball forward, with your hand and support on baby (and the ball!) Together, you may interact (sing, make fun noises, give kisses, etc). Slow, forward and backward movements will be a great starting place! Eventually, you can build on this (adding different directions and pacing) and for a longer period of time. Mom- listen to your baby and know when to stop.

Use a Boppy Pillow!

Use a bobby pillow to add a little incline while playing :-) Simple prop baby up (tummy/chest over pillow) and play away!