Be a BETTER Wife. (Here's How!)

Hey Mommas!

Happy Monday! We’re still celebrating the month of LOVE here at Blossoming Mommy + Baby and I wanted to share a little piece that has been on my heart lately ! Today we’re chatting all about marriage. More specifically, I’ll be sharing my top tips for encouraging you to be a better wife! Since the arrival of Brody (he’s 5 weeks old today!), Brian and I have really seen the importance of making marriage a priority.

Today, it’s just me and you, girl! Kick back, relax… grab a cup of coffee or sparkling water and let’s commit to being better wives to our husbands! It truly saddens my heart to see the statistics of failing and unhealthy marriages today. It is my hope for us to rally YOU today! To rally your heart and intentions to serve better, to love better, and to have a more positive mindset about YOUR MARRIAGE.

If you’re not married… these tips can be applied to any relationship! It’s all about that BALANCE 

My first tip for you is simply this… Make your marriage a priority.

So often we get caught up in the day to day tasks, whether it’s kiddos, newborns (my season!), college, career, you name it! Life basically has a way of coming in and sweeping through. That being said, it’s YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, not mine, not your husbands, not your Moms.. to make YOUR MARRIAGE YOUR PRIORITY. When we do this, we are not only honoring our spouse and our commitment to him, but we’re also showing how to create time and space in our lives for a healthy, happy, and thriving marriage, instead of pushing it to the back burner. And let’s just be real… I think we all know far too well how easy this can happen!

Pray for your husband

Simply put- do exactly as this tip states! I LOVE praying over and for Brian. Generally I will do this in my quiet time in the morning or afternoon. There is something so comforting in the fact that you and I have the opportunity to pray for God’s strength, wisdom, heart, and protection over our spouses. You can even take this opportunity to pray for a specific need, worry, concern, or argument you and your husband may be facing.

Cultivate excitement and LOVE!

One of the biggest concerns I hear from many of our clients inside our signature stress + anxiety program (Grounded + Glowing) is that after “x amount of years being married, the spark is gone”. Ladies! This couldn’t be further from the truth! With each progressing year, let your BOO know how much you care! It truly is a mindset! Don’t be lazy in your marriage. WORK HARD at cultivating LOVE, excitement, and joy into your relationship! Spice things up. Have date night (on the reg!), spoil your hubby, think about when you first met.. the spark is there! Find it and keep that flame LIT, Momma!

Take care of you, babe!

  • Okay, you girls know this! This is my last tip for us today.. although I wish we could share a bottle of merlot cozied up by the fire and truly talk about ALL THE THINGS WE COULD DO to better ourselves as women and wives (I actually share a bit more on our podcast here!) There is SO MUCH I want to unpack here.. so hold on to your hats! First, when we take care of ourselves, EVERYONE benefits from it! No one wants to be around a Mom who is unhealthy, unhappy, frumpy pants, or frazzled. So, take care of you! Eat well. Exercise. Pour into your mental and emotional health, have girls time, have you time, have family time, have husband time. Put on makeup. Wear cute outfits. Bask in the sunshine. Dance in your kitchen. Be a free spirit! You need it all… it’s all about that BALANCE and you CAN make it all work. When you’re better taking care of yourself, you’re able to listen better, show more compassion, and you’re more present as a wife and mother.

Now you are all set, Momma! What tips will you be applying?? Show me on instagram! I might even spoil one of our @blossomingmommyandbaby ladies with a starbucks gift card for checking in with this #marriagechallenge! We’re all about that healthy, happy home, sister!

Love you Mommas! Let’s show our hubby’s some LOVE!