Our Latest Mommy Obsession... PALEOVALLEY!!

FTC disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Paleo Valley. Compensation and product were received, however opinions are my own.

Mommas! We have SUCHHHHHHH an amazing NEW MOMMY OBSESSION TO SHARE WITH YOU!! Seriously, y’all… perfect for summer and really all year round. Allow me to introduce you to our friends over at Paleovalley!

Over the next month, I will be sharing some fabulous features and blog posts on all things  paleovalley- specifically our FAVE products and family musts for you and your littles! It is my heart’s greatest desire that you truly understand the importance and POWER of finding healthy, nutritious snacks for yourself and  your kiddies and paleovalley does AN AMAZING job at this (making our job as Mommas so easy!) :-) 

Ladies- hear me when I say that many food companies utilize different marketing tactics to “appear” healthy and safe for your family. What I want you to empower yourself with are the tools to recognize CLEAN, POWERFUL ingredients with everything that you put into your body.

Luckily, and truly one of the main reasons we are so IN LOVE w/ paleovalley, they've recognized this need and are fully committed in creating products that prioritize health, bountiful ingredients, and vibrant living for the whole family.

Ladies, be sure to checkout ALL of paleovalley's Products (Grab the lineup here)! We will be going over each in more detail over the month of June, from Paleovalley Grass Fed Whey Protein, to superfood bars, grass fed beef sticks, and EVERYTHING in between… you will 100% fall in LOVE with everything paleovalley has to offer! (*Use code BLOSSOM AT CHECKOUT FOR 20% OFF YOUR ORDER!)

Today, I will be highlighting my personal favorite- Paleovalley’s 100% Grass Fed Beef Sticks! Okay, girls… seriously, TO DIE FOR and THE BEST go-to (on the go!) protein snack for your kiddos and your family this summer! If you are running in between soccer or baseball practices, or maybe even a long camping weekend- remember, it is SO important to keep clean, nutrient dense foods on hand in order to fuel up and TRULY THRIVE every moment this summer!


  • Super-duper easy (and convenient!) snack for the fam!

  • Great for a healthy, high protein snack (on the go!)

  • 100% grass fed & grass finished beef from family famers in the U.S. whose happy cows are never given antibiotics, steroids, hormones or grain.

    • Their pastures are also free of all herbicides and pesticides!


    • Carefully crafted, avoiding all GMOs and dangerous hydrogenated oils, each stick has 0g sugar and no artificial nitrates or nitrites, gluten, soy or dairy.

      • Remember ladies, most other beef sticks (even grass fed ones!) contain encapsulated citric acid, a GMO-based ingredient which is coated in inflammatory hydrogenated oils. Yikes… thank you, Paleovalley for watching out for us!

      • Taking 4x’s longer than conventional preservation methods, Paleovalley uses natural fermentation to achieve healthier results….(YESSSSSSSSS!) Even better?? Each beef stick contains 1 billion CFUs of naturally occurring, gut-friendly probiotics for a convenient, delicious and nutrient rich snack!

      • Catch these two short video clips here and here for a beautiful insight on the mindful nutrition behind Paleovalley and how the company actually came about (I am totally in love with their story and small family vibe :) )

GO, GO, GO, MOMMAS! DON’T WALK…. RUNNNNN TO PALEOVALLEY and get your Grass Fed Beef Sticks (4 flavors – Original, Jalapeño, Summer Sausage, Garlic Summer Sausage) NOW! Use code BLOSSOM at checkout for 20% off your order! Remember, they are AMAZING for kiddos (like our executive director’s son HERE!)

My absolute favorite flavor is Jalapeño! What is yours?! Go now, Mommas! EEK! You are going to LOVE! (*Use code BLOSSOM AT CHECKOUT FOR 20% OFF YOUR ORDER!)



FTC disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Paleo Valley. Compensation and product were received, however opinions are my own.