Improve Immune Support, Sleep, and Digestive Health with my SECRET weapon

Happy Wednesday, sister-friend!! I hope your week is as amazing as you are and you are putting into practice all of the Blossoming Mommy and Baby signature healthy organization and eating plans. As you think about the healthy food choices you are making for your family, I wanted to share an important ingredient that is my secret weapon to help improve the top three areas I receive the most questions on. You read that right, mama, ONE simple answer to THREE common health issues.

My secret weapon?? Celtic Sea Salt! Celtic Sea Salt can be used to improve immune support, sleep, and digestive health.

Whether you are experiencing a lack of sleep (hello newborn life!!), a weak immune system due to changing of seasons or a cold, or digestive issues after a long winter of unhealthy food choices my solution to these can be found by adding Celtic Sea Salt (pssst, my FAV brand found here) to your recipes and water DAILY!

Now, I know what you’re thinking girlfriend…salt?! Is Jen really recommending salt as the solution to these problems? YES!!! Hear me out… you are right, your typical table salt that is CHEMICALLY processed and can put us at risk for imbalanced hormones, headaches, irritability, lethargy, bloating, dehydration, to name a few should always be AVOIDED. BUT with the proper natural sea salt added into your daily diet, the benefits will ROCK your world! You know how much we LUHHHHVE powerfoods, mama, and this one is no exception.

Consider this:

  • Immunity Support – Mama, I see you. As a mommy to a newborn, I can completely relate to the daily grind from early in the morning until late in the evening where you are running on ALL cylinders to keep your house and family operating like a HEALTHY machine. When you consume a high-quality sea salt that is not processed or iodized like the table salt you and I are familiar with, you consume trace minerals which are essential for our bodies. Keeping these trace minerals and nutrients like zinc, iron, and B12 in our systems regulated allow our bodies to absorb MORE nutrients! Why wouldn’t you include this easy add-in to your regular routine if you can get more out of the healthy, whole-foods you eat daily. The more nutrients we absorb, the more support our immune systems have to fight off the ICK!

  • Catch some ZZZs and Increase your energy levels! Brody James is the most amazing BLESSING and has turned our household sleep routines upside down! When Brian and I ARE able to get some sleep, we want to make sure we get the most benefits out of it, while we can. Regular incorporation of sodium and trace minerals in our diets supports our adrenal health by balancing out the vitamins and minerals our bodies need while awake and asleep to avoid fatigue and provides a calming effect when in balance.

  • Strong digestive systems – While it sounds like an oxymoron, consuming sodium to stay hydrated, is actually a top trick! The presence of high-quality sea salt allows you to maintain sufficient sodium and potassium levels which ensure fluid balance in our bodies for our digestive systems to function properly. Just add a pinch each time you refill your large water throughout the day!

Natural sea salt included in your daily routine, in moderate amounts, can significantly improve your health and well-being. Tried it? Check-in with us, mama and tell us how YOU have experienced the difference.