7 Immune Boosting Foods

Hey girlfriend! The holidays may be over but this weather and the colds and flu that accompany it  will probably stick around for awhile. Although it helps to have some fabulous DIY remedies at the ready, we also encourage you to also be proactive about your health this winter. You can do this by feeding your body immune boosting foods. These foods will keep you strong and healthy so you can tackle all of those incredible SMART Goals that you set for the New Year!

  1. Kale– low in calories and high in fiber. Promotes digestion and it’s packed with nutrients like vitamins, folate and magnesium. Use it in your smoothies, salads, soups or eat alone after sautéing or baking.

  2. Brussel Sprouts– good source of protein, iron and potassium. They also have a good amount of vitamin C which supports your immune system and promotes skin, teeth and gum health. We prefer to steam or roast Brussel Sprouts but you can also chop them up for a yummy salad!

  3. Broccoli– great source of fiber, vitamin B6, potassium and a good source of omega 3s, protein and calcium. Broccoli is so versatile that you can serve it raw or cooked and plain or seasoned. Just make sure you don’t miss out on all of the nutritional benefits by overcooking it!

  4. Strawberries– antioxidant power houses! Tons of nutrients are packed into these sweet fruits. As with other fruits and veggies, the polyphenolic and antioxidant content in strawberries boosts the immune system, protects against certain cancers and prevents premature aging.

  5. Mushrooms– certain varieties supply vitamin D which people typically have to get from sun exposure. The germanium and mineral content helps protect your body from free radical damage while the vitamin C promotes immune health. You must cook mushrooms to take advantage of the nutritional benefits!

  6. Tomatoes- rich in vitamins and minerals. You can get almost 40% of your daily vitamin C requirement from just one tomato! So add them to stews, top your salad with them or grab a tomato for a snack. Your body will thank you!

  7. Carrots- are high in antioxidants and have antiseptic/antibacterial properties that boost the immune system. We like to snack on carrots raw, add them to stews and roast them as a nourishing side dish for dinner. How are you looking after your health in the new year?

Want to add these foods to your diet but not sure how to do it? Check out our Healthiest Detox Salad which has a whopping 5 of the 7 immune boosting foods listed above!

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