How To Show Your Body INCREDIBLE LOVE this week (and every week!)

Hi Mommas!

It’s so great to be back with you today… Happy Monday! We are OFFICIALLY starting the week of LOVE with Valentine’s Day this Wednesday and I thought there would be no better time then now to talk about how you and I can show our bodies some extra LOVE and TLC this week (and let’s just be real…. all year round)!

I am SO passionate about this topic because I was the WORST at self-love and self-care for years. Truly, ladies.

  • I didn’t sleep… EVER

  • I lived on caffeine

  • My stress was through the roof

  • I over exercised

  • I under ate

  • I lived on sugar free/ fat free foods

  • I didn’t take time for prayer and personal development

  • Shall I go on?

Do you see how neglect time after time… AFTER TIME, AFTER TIME can really add up and negatively impact EVERY AREA of your life? Ladies, it’s SO important to take an assessment of your daily habits and practices right now. I know at times it may seem like you don’t have time but y’all… you have to make time.

Your health is of utmost importance in being a mother. When you take care of yourself physically, nutritionally, spiritually, and emotionally, the health of your home and children will be positively impacted.

So! Here are some of my top tips for you (and me!) to show our body, mind, and soul extra love this week and every week to follow!

Girl, you gotta eat well!

Okay, I know you know this… but are you REALLY applying it? So many of the clients I work with completely overall their nutrition when learning HOW TO DO IT RIGHT. Stop eating anything diet or sugar free Eat more greens + fruits Consume lean proteins Lay off the sugar Get rid of ANY AND ALL processed foods Limit your carb intake at night Get your water in

And… if you’re really struggling with eating well…. come scroll through BMAB library of hundreds and hundreds of healthy, family friendly recipes (uploaded weekly to the site!)

Have your mindset set right in the morning

THIS IS EVERYTHING. Even with a newborn, there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t start my day off with prayer, bible time, journaling, and intention setting. Ladies, trust me… I’ve had plenty of sleepless nights over the past few weeks, but this step is absolutely vital for starting my day off well and is going to be for you as well. When you get up, make sure you are leaving yourself enough time in the mornings for scripture or devotion reading, intentional goal setting (i’ll talk more on this on today’s podcast episode), quiet time (don’t start your day with the news… think candles, calm music), and stillness. Truly, when you set your intentions clearly for the day, you will be amazed of the fruition that follows because of it.

Sweat + Sleep

Two of the MOST important steps that can actually be ABUSED. I know this because… well, I abused them. For years I over exercised and under slept, which not only thrashed my adrenals, but also my mindset, my energy, and my outlook on life. I was always exhausted, had brain fog, was lethargic, and really was a hermit in life…(anyone else?) Ladies, it’s SO important and something I’m so passionate about sharing… treat your body well with a balanced fitness routine and plenty of sleep each night. Fitness can come in many forms. Find what works best for you- whether it’s a walk, pilates, swimming, etc… and mix it up! Our body loves they physical variety. Also.. when it comes to sleep, unless you have a newborn (us over here!! ), ensure you are getting 7-8 hours every single night; as this truly is your body’s time to reset and recharge.

Treat Yo’ Self!

It’s NOT selfish to care for yourself. In fact, it’s absolutely VITAL as a thriving, healthy, happy Momma! Literally, GO GET PAMPERED. Whether it’s a mani or pedi, a hot bubble bath at night, curling up and reading a cozy book, the latest magnolia magazine, going for a walk, cooking in the kitchen while sipping on a fresh glass of merlot… whatever this looks like for you, indulge in something at least once a week that is going to make you feel like a million bucks. In doing so, you will feel more confident, radiant, recharged, rejuvenated and let’s just be real… you’ll feel like a total MOM BOSS. And.. you are.

Cultivate time with your hubby!

Since having Brody, Brian and I have learned first hand the importance of making our marriage a priority. We have learned that if we don’t put it at the top of our list and make it a priority, no one else will. Same goes for you, ladies. You MUST protect your marriage, even with littles at home. Make sure you are: Taking time for date night Actually being “friends” and not just a nagging wife Building each other up with kind and inspiring words Communicating throughout the day Communicating and LISTENING at the end of the day

So, this is love and my fun tips for helping YOU generate more love into your life and relationships! You can grab even more of my dialogue from today’s podcast show (make sure you’ve downloaded and subscribed to The Blossoming Mommy and Baby Show on your podcast app!). What tips spoke most to you? Do you have anymore to add to the lineup?? Let me know below or on social (INSTA is my FAVE!)

Love you girls! 

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