How To Raise Happy + Confident Children

The role you play in your child (or children's) life is immense. You have the ability to model, instill, and praise healthy, positive habits; which will impact your child for a lifetime. Below you'll find my top 4 tips for raising a happy and confident child. Start implementing these recommendations TODAY and be sure to let me know how you progress! Remember, it takes a little work, day after day, for A BIG improvement.

You've got this, Mom!


Positive Parenting: As a parent, aunt, grandmother, sister, cousin, (enter your role here!), we all play a role in raising the next generation. Recognize and celebrate when your child has good behavior, listens well, shows an act of kindness, and/or helps with chores. Magnify their strengths and uniqueness. Also, don't forget to sprinkle in positive encouragement throughout the day, as this will help boost your child's confidence and self-esteem.

It starts with you... are you confident?: I want you to work on radiating each day with an inner glow of peace, calmness, grace, generosity, and humble confidence. Actions speak louder than words and there are always little eyes and ears watching your everyday moves. Make sure you are taking care of yourself in a positive manner- body, mind, and soul. No negative self-talk, no complaining, and no ungratefulness. What you express (both verbally and non-verbally), your children will pickup on. Make sure you are mindful of this.

Let them learn: The best way a child can learn and grow? Let them "fail forward". Letting your child experience "failure" may not be easy, but it's absolutely necessary for helping them become a woman or man of great character. When a child "fails", help them learn and develop the necessary skills to be successful. This will help establish character, new skills, and confidence as a child and as an adult.

Nurture and Play: What work is to YOU, play is to your child. Yes, play is a child's occupation. Let your child play and make sure you get down on all fours' and PLAY WITH YOUR CHILD. This means 100% devoted time and attention. No cellphones, no TV.... just good ol' fashioned play. Get outside, walk around barefoot, get dirty in the sand, and experience this season of life together. Love on your child, deepen your relationship together, and let them know through your actions that you are fully PRESENT. This is a bond and a loving moment in time that will impact your littles for the rest of their life.

Now get out there Mom, and love on your babe. I'm proud of you and your sweet littles need you <3