How To Place Guardrails Against Toxicity and Negative Influence

Toxicity and negative influence are two things that are inevitable in today's society. Whether you're online or in the community, unfortunately, these characteristics are more prevalent today then ever before. Today I'll be teaching you how to place guardrails in your life in order to protect against toxicity and negative influence. You can do this. Promise.

  1. You cannot change other people-Here's the truth. No matter how hard we try, you and I cannot change other people. People are going to be who they are. Period. What can we do? We can pray for them. We need to understand that ultimately, it is up to the individual to change. So carry on, embrace the individuals in your life, and keep this simple truth. YOU CAN'T CHANGE OTHERS.

  2. Focus on your journey-We know now that we can't change others, but what we can change is our heart, our interactions, our responses, and our inner-voice. I want you to start practicing mindfulness, daily. Learn the importance of caring for yourself, body-mind-soul, every single day. When you are living and feeling your best, working on staying positive, letting go of bitterness, embracing grace, and serving others, you'll soon experience the gorgeous flow of life.

  3. There's a deeper root-It's not about you. Negativity, toxicity, gossip, slander, ________(enter your word here!), it's present and it's not going away. The way people are and the way they behave has NOTHING to do with you. Practice living with a heart of compassion, we never know what may be going on in someone else's life.

  4. Respond with control -Instead of responding with anger, bitterness, or aggression, learn to gain control of your emotions. You DO have control of your response, your attitude, and your happiness. It really is an inside job, gals. If you can, avoid negative people and situations. If you can't, well you're going to have to deal with it, and that's life! Don't let negativity in and don't pour negativity into this world.

  5. Set boundaries -Boundaries at work, boundaries with family members, boundaries with friends, boundaries with situations and circumstances. Boundaries are an absolute must when it comes to placing guardrails up in your life in order to protect against negativity and toxicity. If you can, avoid the toxic situation. If you can't avoid it, embrace it. Continue to learn how to radiate with positivity and don't let others impact the way you feel. Remember, it's not you. Respond with kindness, don't engage with negative behavior and don't enable it. Also, make sure you have a positive support system to rely on- friends, family, spouses, God, podcasts, great books, and positive social media influences.

It's a journey, ladies, but you can do this. I promise.

Proud of you already. xoxo