How To Get Fit On a Budget!

As a Blossoming Mommy and Baby Woman, you know the importance of living a life rich in faith, fitness, and overall wellness. This lifestyle is one that can be obtained from anyone, but excuses and objections have got to go! One objection I hear quite often is the fear of "not having enough money" for a healthy lifestyle. Ladies, hear me out.

  • You don't have to have a new pair of lulu lemons (although they are totally FAB!)

  • You don't have to have a luxurious membership to a gym or spa

  • You don't have to break the bank buying organic foods

Today, we'll be going over 5 simple strategies for mastering the Blossoming Mommy and Baby Lifestyle on a budget. You'll also be oozing over today's practical tips leading you and your family to SUCCESS! Read on, sister!

How To Get Fit On a Budget!

  1. Create a Budget + Stick To It!

    • Point being, each month and each time you go to the store, I want you to be prepared. Get a shopping list ready and get all the ingredients you will need for the entire week/month. Bonus Tip: Stick to the list! Allocate a monthly budget to your groceries and be disciplined enough to stay on track.

  2. DIY IT

    • From natural beauty regimens, lotions, almond butter, almond milk, smoothies, homemade remedies, and MORE.. there are endless ways you can save money by taking time to make, batch, and create healthy solutions to natural living (AKA.. Our motto here at Blossoming Mommy and Baby! :) )

  3. Utilize The Outdoors + Your Home

    • This is one of my favorite tips and one that truly will transform the way you workout. Ladies, hear me out. You don't need an expensive membership to a gym or studio! Although those are definitely exciting and wonderful, sometimes the budget just doesn't allow for it. In that case, create a cozy space in your living room, downstairs, and even the great outdoors for a killer sweat session. There are endless amounts of workouts on youtube, and truly all over the internet. You can also utilize home workouts (Beachbody is my favorite!), and outdoor events like running, cycling, walking, skiing, volleyball, and more! Get creative and don't let the cost of a gym prevent you from working out.

  4. Ask yourself... Do I really need this?

    • Food. Clothes. Trends. Decor. Workout outfits... the list goes on. Before you buy, ask yourself, is this an impulsive buy for immediate gratification or do I REALLY need this? If you need it and it's within your budget, get it. If you don't... have the discipline to put it down.

  5. Shop in Season and on Sale!

    • A common mistake I see many of my clients make (before we solve the problem! :) ) is the thought that organic and "natural" foods and household items are too expensive, therefore resulting in another purchase of processed, unhealthy foods and toxic cleaners, candles, and more. Ladies, hear my heart. You have to get smart with your shopping! Many times, organic foods will be on sale. Shop the sales. Shop in season. In the long run, it will be worth the investment for your health and for your family's longevity.

You can do this! Remember, as Blossoming Mommy and Baby Women, you know the power of taking one day, one healthy habit at a time. This is NO different! Share this article below with a girlfriend, daughter, mother, or friend in need! We can't wait to see your healthy budget check ins on instagram and be sure to use #blossomingmommyandbaby and @blossomingmommyandbaby so we can see your progress!

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