How to Cultivate MORE Positivity and LESS Judgement as a Momma 

How to Cultivate MORE Positivity and LESS Judgement as a Momma (My top 3 tips..... okay, and more tips on the audio version! ;))

Hi Mommas! I'm so happy to be back with you today for our weekly talks on all things Momma health and positivity. Today, we're talking JUST THAT- more positivity and less judgment as women and as Mommas. It's been such a treat to see so many of you chatting with me on INSTAGRAM , sharing how YOU are cultivating more positivity and healthy routines into your lives- girls. You should be SO proud of yourself. Know that I am SO proud of you! 

So, with that- we're going to dive into all things positive living and mindset today. You deserve to know what I use on the regular to help with cultivating this energy and lifestyle each week. PS--> before we even get started, make sure you're registered for our next stress + anxiety class (Grounded + Glowing) if this topic of positivity speaks to you! 

Be truly and authentically YOU!

So often, especially in today's society, we are caught up in this false mindset that we have to be the Pinterest or Instagram version of ourselves ALL. THE. TIME. Ladies, this isn't reality and this isn't something you should be chasing after. In fact, I highly encourage you to stay away from chasing this false sense of perfectionism that society pulls at. Honor who you are and all your uniqueness! This is truly when you will feel at peace and content with who you are, instead of trying to be something or someone you are not. So go ahead, let your hair down girl :) Be YOU. The YOU that is found deep inside your home on a cozy Saturday night with the kiddos and husband at home. The YOU on family game nights. BE YOU ALL THE TIME AND BE UNAPOLOGETIC ABOUT IT.


Seriously, this is a problem today. Social media has made it okay to point fingers, judge, and instantly compare our lives to strangers and/or those we love or know. We're finding that more and more people are comparing their lives and judging every single part of their life or the life of others. Guys, this has to stop and it can be starting with you. When you find yourself judging another Mom, whether it's on social or in person.... STOP YOUR THOUGHTS in their tracks. Understand that EACH PERSON (even you and me!) has a special journey, a unique upbringing, and different circumstances that you might not even know about! When we can turn our thoughts from judgement and criticism to a place of acceptance and LOVE, our lives and mindset begin to change. I promise you'll feel a sense of freedom and love radiate from your heart and home. Stop judging others, stop judging yourself. Instead- let's focus on kinder, nicer, thoughts and redirecting our attention to the essentials- God, family, home, health, community.

Surround yourself with Positive (people and mindset)

My final tip is SO SO SO IMPORTANT. We truly become like those we surround ourselves with. I know it seems trivial, but y'all.... this is so true. Think about the energy you feel around those who are negative or gossipy... kind of yucky, right? Now, think about your energy levels around those who are optimistic, positive, and driven? You feel lighter, inspired, empowered, and hungry to do well in life, right? SO... find those that will lift you up, fan your fire, and pour into your life- emotionally and spiritually. Don't have those friends? Well then, it's time to cultivate new relationships. Like attracts like, so I want you to make a conscious effort to surround yourself with those that are going to push you to do better in every area of life. Additionally, I want you to be pouring into your mindset. This is one of my FAVORITE tips I offer all of our clients in all of our programs here at BMAB. If you're not feeding your mind, it's literally dying. Feed it with personal growth through books, audio programs, podcasts, church sermons, and mentors. Your mind is YOUR power.. feed it well.

Now you are all set, Momma! What tips spoke to your heart?? Show me on instagram!