How Buying A Home Changed MY LIFE and MY MOTHERHOOD

Growing up, my Dad always told  my sister and I, that “the only two things you should ever take out a loan for is a house and for college.” Being a mother now, I often find myself reflecting on the ways I was raised and the advice I was given to determine what I will now pass on to my children... and I must say, the financial advice Dad always gave my sister and I (and continues to give us!) is SPOT ON.

So what does his financial advice have to do with you, my home buying experience, and motherhood?


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Buying a home is SO much more than a real estate transaction. 

I guess logistically it is…. so here’s what I mean-

A house becomes a home when YOU decide that it’s going to be more than four walls… When you commit to creating an environment and experience for your loved ones that is safe, secure, and overflowing with abundant love.

As Brian and I began our home searching and buying journey, I walked into each house with this thought process: “Can I see myself standing at this kitchen with my robe pulling out fresh cinnamon rolls? Can I see us watching a family movie in the living room with the fireplace on while sipping hot cocoa or tea? Can I see myself hosting and serving friends and families for dinners and holidays?” 

Honestly Mommas, if I didn't feel it, we didn't go back.....and we 100% KNEW when we walked into our last appointment that it was the one. I guess my body thought so too because the day we had our home inspection, I went into labor! Yep. True story. Our home inspection was at 9am and my water broke at noon. Fast forward 12 hours (and a few painful ones at that..) and Brody James Blossom made his GRAND ENTRANCE into the world!


For the sake of home buying advice... I would NEVER recommend going into labor and buying a home the same day. LOL. Before I bawl telling you Brody’s birth story, let me share 6 things that buying a home has taught me and how these 6 things truly have changed my life and my motherhood. ( I hope you can relate!)

  • A house becomes home when a life giving mindset is applied

    • One of my favorite authors, Sally Clarkson has and AMAZING BOOK called “The Life Giving Home”. If you haven’t read or listened to this book on audible, I HIGHLY recommend it! From Sally and from my home buying process, I’ve learned how we as Mommas have the responsibility and the POWER to create a home that gives life to our children, our husbands, and our communities. From a hot cozy meal, to an extra soft plush blanket in the guest bedroom, and a book case stacked full of inspiring reads, WE as Mommas have a vital role in cultivating a home that fosters love, communication, and security with those around us. You don’t need a mansion. Just a heart for creating the coziness that speaks to YOU and your love ones. Be intentional with your space– it really does matter.

  • Finances MUST be in order

    • There’s nothing like good ol’ advice from a Dad is there? Like dad (and Dave Ramsey) always say… STAY WITHIN YOUR BUDGET and PURCHASE within your means. If you purchase a house that’s outside of your budget you will be a SLAVE to your mortgage. Know your numbers. Be financially smart.Don’t worry about impressing other people because that road is an empty one friends…. AND it’s not going to pay your bills.

    • Floor plans + home layouts MATTER

      • When purchasing, remodeling, or making the MOST of your sure to think about FLOOR PLANS! How many kids do you have? Does the flow of the house work? For me, having a bar attached to my kitchen was an important feature. I have always dreamed of serving the kids breakfast while prepping lunches or have guests gather around to visit (and sip on paleo wine of course) while preparing a hot meal. Pay attention to your floor plans!

      • School education

        • This was also a major determining factor for Brian and I when selecting our house and I encourage it to be for you too! Think about WHERE your kiddos will be going to school in relation to WHERE your home is. What districts are near you? What school(s) do you want your kids to be in? Location is REALLY important here, ladies! So take this piece into consideration when buying your home!

        • Neighborhood

          • Similar to school education, think about and pay attention to the neighborhood or surrounding area hour home is in! The safety and the functionality of your surrounding area should be HIGH up on your list!

          • Purposeful Motherhood

            • LASTLY! (Okay this one is TOTALLY MY FAVORITE!) Buying a home and now being a HOME OWNER has completely changed my motherhood and approach to being just that… a MOM! I’ve learned the value and hard work that goes into purchasing and maintaining a home (I mean can we all just be real for a sec… do chores and house work EVER end?) and honestly have such a fresh, vibrant approach to life and motherhood BECAUSE of the space I’m in. I want to create a lifestyle for my children that will set them up for success and that comes down to their foundation at home. The way Brian and I parent, teach and instill our Christian values, and how we DO life together as a family is what it is ALL about.

So, for all of you hard working Mommas who are ready to purchase your first homes, or maybe you’re ready to change your mindset of the home you’re in…. you’ve got this! Let’s commit together to create (as Sally Clarkson so wonderfully puts it!) a LIFE GIVING HOME for our children, family, and community.

What are some of the things you’ve experienced since purchasing your home? Let me know in the comments below or over on INSTAGRAM!

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