A Home Full of Grace

Hello, hello ladies! Today we want to talk about grace and how can you fill your home to the brim of it! Grace is free and unmerited favor.Despite our shortcomings, God demonstrates His grace by forgiving our sins and loving us unconditionally. Isn’t that incredible? We are SO LOVED! Although it may be hard, it is our job to extend that exact same kind of grace to others. And one way we accomplish this is by opening our hearts and welcoming people into our homes.

This post contains affiliate links

This post contains affiliate links

We truly believe that home is meant to be a beautiful refuge where you, your family and all who cross the threshold feel safe, nurtured, loved and inspired to go out and do good in this world.

“Grace is love that cares and stoops and rescues.”- John Stott

By creating a home that is nourishing to the body, mind and soul and filled with God’s grace, we not only prime ourselves to care, stoop and rescue other, but we also encourage all who enter to wrestle their own demons and fears in a supportive and loving environment. In essence, grace allows us to do life together with those around us! How beautiful and special is that?

Are you ready for our tips to help fill your home with grace?

  1. Fill YOUR Cup so you can help others do the same. Sister, this isso important. You cannot pour from an empty cup.

    1. Read the Word

    2. Practice your unique brand of self-love

    3. Rest when you need it

    4. ACCEPT the grace that others extend to you

    5. Serve others with joy– Hospitality is one way to show others love and compassion. So delight in discovering what others need and providing it for them.

    6. Create a functional and beautiful space where people feel comfortable retreating

      1. Turn your home into a cozy sanctuary where people want to be! See our favorite tips to cozy up your space!

  1. Make your home a place where people communicate with compassion

    1. Encourage and listen to others

    2. Avoid gossip

    3. Speak life-giving words

    4. Design a space that promotes conversation

      1. Be intentional in the way you arrange furniture.

      2. Forgive. Anger and resentment harden our hearts and prevent us from making the world a better place.

So there you have it! 6 ways you can extend grace in your home today!

For more tips and inspiration we LOVE “The Life-Giving Home: Creating a Place of Belonging and Becoming” by Sally Clarkson! Grab your copy here