Healthy Gums 101

Hey, sweet friend! You have probably heard us talk about the importance of oral health in this podcast or this post. When you hear oral health do you immediately think teeth? Most of us do. But did you know that your gums are equally important? Gum disease affects nearly 75% of American adults and it’s also the #1 cause of tooth loss*!

That being said, the health of your gums influences SO much more than what’s in your mouth. In fact, the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease is higher for people who have gum disease. During pregnancy the changes in hormones can actually lead to inflamed gums and diseased gums. When left uncontrolled, gum disease can also lead to pregnancy complications! That is why it is SO important to take special care of your gums.

Fortunately, there are many ways to keep your teeth and gums healthy! The below tips are simple, cost-effective ways to improve your gum and tooth health:

  1. Brush 2x/day- this should really go without saying. Brushing is your first line of defense against the build up of harmful bacteria. Make sure you are using a soft tooth brush so you don’t damage your tooth enamel or gums.

  2. Eat well!- Nutrient-rich foods promote gum health, tooth health and improves resistance to bacterial infections.

  3. Cut back on snacks- The more frequently you eat the more often you introduce foreign bacteria into your mouth.

  4. See your dentist/hygienist regularly- Routine cleanings are critical for preventing and managing the progression gum disease! The standard recommendation is one cleaning every six months. However, if you are diagnosed with/at risk of gum disease you may need cleanings more frequently.

  5. Floss- Flossing removes the particles between your teeth and at your gumline that brushing just can’t reach. This reduces inflammation and reduces irritability; effectively preventing gum disease.

  6. Use an antibacterial mouth wash- Antibacterial mouthwashes help keep your mouth bacteria in check. One of our favorites is Periosciences.

So there you have it girlfriend, 6 simple ways to keep your gums healthy! Have you experienced gum disease or do you have any additional tips? Let us know below!

*Harvard Health- Why your Gums are So Important to Your Health