Healthy 8-Step Kid's Routine Your Family Needs TODAY!

Routines, Routines, Routines! An absolute MUST in every home, for both you and your littles. Blossoming Mommas, you know routine is what I teach and how we all truly THRIVE! Today, we'll be diving into all things routine and your kiddos.

Before we jump to today's lesson.... Why routines?

  • Routines Create Consistency + Predictability

  • Routines Create Calmness

  • Routines Enhance Productivity

  • Routines Build + Instill Healthy Habits

  • And more....

Ladies, routines are truly nonnegotiable. As chaotic as life can be at times, strive each week to create as much structure (as possible :) ) within your little's day. Below you'll find a go-to guide for keeping aN 8-step routine for your kiddos in order to enhance overall health + wellness as a family. Let's DIVE IN!

Healthy 8-Step Kid's Routine Your Family Needs TODAY!

  • Breakfast Start Up- The most important meal of the day and one that should not be consumed in an artificial, packaged, or high-sugary manner. Aim to serve up, prepare, and organize healthy breakfasts throughout the week for the entire family. Fruits, Veggies (think of veggies in omelets and smoothies!), Protein, and yes..hydration (remember, moms- no artificial fruit juices. Look for pure, wholesome juice, almond milk, or water).

  • Move, Move, Move- Activity isn't just for adults! Your child(ren) need to move just like we do! Ideas for activities include but are not limited to: after-school sports, neighborhood games, family workouts, family walks, backyard exercise! The options are truly limitless. Get your littles up and moving every single day. More activity, less screen time. PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

  • POSITIVE ENERGY- Mom, you have the power to set the tone in your household. This goes for your children as well. Build your children up with powerful, positive affirmations every single day! You partake in shaping your child's confidence, self-awareness, and self-talk. Invest good, positive energy daily.

  • Get Your Morning + Night Routines Down- Teeth brushing, hygiene, PJ's, book reading, nighttime prayers, showers/baths.. you know the drill! Make sure you are consistent everyday (or most days!) with you child's nighttime and morning routines.

  • Make Homemade Dinners, Snacks,+ Lunches Together- Yes and yes! Homemade meals are a must in today's fast paced society. I know, I know... it's tempting to grab and go, but Moms, hear my heart. Your children (and you) need to be eating wholesome meals. This means dishes that are well balanced, nourishing, and life giving to the body! Have your little help you in the kitchen (they will LOVE it!) and get busy. If you're stuck on how and what to prepare, we've got you. Join the Abundant Motherhood Club to learn how to make hundreds of recipes, smoothies, family meals, and more! We simplify your life :-) Join----> HERE!

  • Schedule in Homework- This is nonnegotiable, my friends! Factor in an hour (give or take) every school day to sit down with your kiddo(s) during homework time. This teaches productivity, responsibility, discipline, and helps to instill work ethics.

  • Get a Chore Flow- Chores are an amazing way to teach your littles SO MANY fundamental skills- from care taking, to respect, and every skill in-between, chores are an essential part of development. From picking up their bedroom, to helping clear dishes off the table, look for ways your child can help inside the home, weekly!

  • Get a Good Night's Sleep, ALWAYS- Sleep is something your child should always be getting enough of and MUST be a priority for your child's health and performance. Structure your evening, including a "winding down" period every night. For an ultra relaxing experience, get in the habit of book + Bible reading, diffusing lavender for aromatherapy, dimming the lights, and tuning into classical music or nature sounds.

There you have in, Mom! We cannot wait to see your nightly routines with your littles! We'd love to see a snap into your mornings or evenings! Be sure to check in with us online #blossomingmommyandbaby and @blossomingmommyandbaby with the progress you've made as a family!

Sending you health + love,


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