Brief Guide to Postpartum Depression

Hi mama, we have a serious and heartfelt post about life after childbirth just for you today. As Baby Blossom’s birth gets closer I have been reading up about life after baby. Did you know that nearly 80% of new moms experience what is called the “baby blues” and 1 in 7 women experience the more serious mood disorder known as postpartum depression? With those numbers it is important for mamas to recognize symptoms and understand the resources available.“Baby blues” are short term feelings of stress, sadness, anxiousness, loneliness fatigue or weepiness whereas postpartum depression is much more serious disorder that can appear shortly after the baby is born and last for weeks or months when it goes untreated. Postpartum depression can affect any woman and for half of those affected, it is the first time they have dealt with depression.

If you experience any of the following symptoms for more than 2 weeks you should speak with you primary care physician.

  1. loss of pleasure

  2. a change in eating habits

  3. anxiety

  4. panic

  5. guilt

  6. extreme irritability

  7. uncontrollable sadness

  8. fears of being a bad mother

  9. misery

  10. change in sleep patterns

  11. disinterest in loved ones

  12. lack of concentration

  13. thoughts about hurting yourself or baby (seek help immediately if you experience this symptom)

In dealing with postpartum depression you need to know that you are NOT at fault and it IS treatable. First and foremost, you must realize that you cannot face postpartum depression alone. Contact your doctor and/or a licensed medical professional, share your feelings openly, join a support group and talk about your experience without guilt.

Secondly, build in time for self-care. Eat properly, start exercising when your doctor clears you to do so and be realistic with your time. Mama, what you are feeling is real and valid. Know that there is hope! Need proof of that? Listen to this podcast episode where our guest, Alesia Galati, talks about navigating postpartum depression.

You can also join our Blossoming Mommy and Baby Community or sign up for our Grounded and Glowing class for additional support. You deserve to overcome this so you can rediscover the simple pleasures of life and enjoy the exciting roller coaster of a journey that is motherhood.