Why YOU Should Grow a Family-Friendly Garden!

Spring is just around the corner, mama! Can’t you just smell it?! With nature all in bloom and warmer days ahead, we are itching to enjoy those warmer temps outside, so why not start an activity to enjoy together as a family and with your littles that has multiple positive outcomes! Win-Win, Sister!!

Girlfriend, the benefits of gardening for ourselves and WITH our kids and families are endless!! Don’t believe me? Keep reading and find out why gardening is my top Spring activity for you to take on, even if you are a beginner.

Meaningful Family Time

  • Getting off of the couch and out from behind televisions, our smart phones, and laptops allows us to connect more with our families. It provides the opportunity to talk more to our kids, and getting them to open up more freely. Gardening is also linked to reducing stress and anxiety levels while offering mental clarity, which can help both kids and you, mama!

Connect with Nature

  • Gardening gets you, your family, and children outside (barefoot is even better)! Click here to learn more about the benefits of going barefoot. Learning about how plants and WHOLE foods are grown exposes kids to natural food sources at a young age, teaching them the difference between healthy food options versus boxed and processed foods full of empty nutrients. Sister, you and I both know that the earlier kiddos can get excited about REAL food, the better.

Eat More Veggies!

  • When fruits and vegetables are right outside your doorstep, it provides easily accessible, wholesome options for snacks and meals for your entire family. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the fruits of their labor and eat something they helped grow from little seedlings, and their very own garden? This can get kids excited and interested in eating what they have worked hard to grow.

Teaches Responsibility

  • Speaking of working hard to grow our food, gardening teaches responsibility. From an early age, our kiddies can learn about plant life-cycles, the science behind growing plants, and the required fertilizing process along with daily weeding and watering in order to be rewarded with nutritious and bountiful gardens.

There you have it, mama, get outside and start digging with your loved ones!