For The Mom Who Feels Like She's Failing and Not Enough

For the Momma who feels like she’s not enough… like she’s failing at life and motherhood… this one’s for you! I’m so excited to be back with you today, sharing my heart on what to do when you feel like you’re in this pit (disclaimer: there’s always a way OUT!)

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What should you do when you feel like your failing and not enough? Today I’ve got a fantastic 5-piece lineup that will help refocus your thoughts and mindset to climb out of this trap! As I strategically teach in Blossom After Baby, my postnatal program~ you don’t have to struggle in motherhood! Let’s get you EMBRACING + ENJOYING  this incredible journey! (and Momma! If you need help in this area, we’ve got you! Learn how to truly THRIVE in Motherhood, not just survive right here!)


In today’s every changing and technology driven society, it seems like perfection is everywhere! Whether it’s the pinterest perfect birthday party or the perfectly styled instagram shot; there is somewhat of a misleading vibe in today’s motherhood club. Mommas, hear my heart. Perfect does not exist. The moment we recognize this, the pressures you put on yourself to be perfect will begin to melt away. When you stop comparing your life and your skills to those around you, you’ll be amazed at how much lighter you feel both emotionally and spiritually. Embrace what truly are your gifts- whether this is baking, homemaking, working, or any other trait that defines YOU and work to be better in areas of your life that are more challenging. The BEST thing you and I can do as modern day Mommas is to show up and do our best. Your imperfection makes you, YOU! So embrace it! Your kids want a happy Momma, not one who’s always striving to one up everything and everyone :).

2. Identify Your Priorities

Truth. What are your priorities in life? Your health, the health of your family, God, your husband, your kiddos, your happiness, your home…. right? So, why is it that our priorities seem to go out the window on a day to day basis? So often we can get caught up in the daily grind that we forget what it truly means to be alive and PRESENT! Today I want you to take a step back. Identify what your KEY PRIORITIES ARE and honor them. Don’t spend your precious moments of motherhood in a frazzled state of mind trying to impress those around you because you don’t feel like you measure up. You DO. You ARE ENOUGH. AND.. you don’t have to prove that to anyone. Repurpose your energy, Momma. Focus in on what matters most and realign your intentions each and everyday.

3. Know Your Mental State

This tip builds beautifully off of tips 1+2 and is really going to be the GLUE that holds everything together… ready for it? YOUR MENTAL STATE IS EVERYTHING. Self-awareness is something I PREACH on inside my women’s mental health program, Grounded and Glowing and a topic that SO many Moms struggle with on a daily basis; which ultimately impacts the way you live and parent. Being self-aware is a skill that takes years to master, so it’s important that you start TODAY. Start recognizing your mental state. Check in with yourself often throughout the day and ask yourself: “How is my energy? Am I stressed? Overwhelmed? Tired? Aggressive? Anxious?” Once you can start to identify your energy state throughout the day, you’ll be more aware of keeping and finding a well balanced state; instead of constantly running around on empty or out of control with your emotional intelligence. When you are aware and master the game of emotional maturity, you will be able to make better decisions and come from a place of calmness and ease rather than obsession or insecurity.

4. Turn Failing Moments Into a THRIVING Motherhood

So what happens when you mess up? NEWS FLASH. WE ALL DO!! No Momma has it ALL together so let’s just agree to stop striving to be “her”! Instead, I want you to focus your energy on the current day ahead. Celebrate your small victories and when moments come that aren’t so victorious, ask yourself.. “What can I learn from this?” There is a lesson in everything, Mommas…. so the next time you experience a “failure”, transform your thought process ! FAILURE = LESSON. LESSON = GROWTH. GROWTH = THRIVING MOTHERHOOD. Learn from your mistakes and get stronger because of them! It’s truly the only way to continue on with a positive and thriving motherhood journey!

5. Adjust Your Expectations

Lastly! What expectations are you setting on yourself or your children day in and day out? Are you setting standards SO HIGH that neither of you will realistically be able to succeed? If so, this will only cause stress and tension between your family so make sure you are setting clear and age appropriate expectations for the SEASON you are in. Be flexible, yet firm and know that you truly can cultivate a motherhood journey of your DREAMS! I believe in you, Momma… now go do it!

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