Fitness Tips for Women

Hey girlfriends! In honor of National Women’s Health and Fitness Day, we are sharing 6 fitness tips for women to make your fitness journey a success! Remember, our best intentions will fall short IF we don’t have a good strategy for implementing them. So these tips will help you come up with a strategy that will keep you MOTIVATED and INVESTED!

  1. Mix it up! – Cardio + Resistance 3-5 times each week will promote healthy bones, improve cognitive performance (read: May reduce Mommy Brain Moments), help you age better and help prevent lifestyle diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancers.

    1. Know when to take a rest day. It’s great to commit to being physically active but your body also needs adequate rest.

    2. Pick activities that you like. Working out should be challenging but FUN! If you truly dread your workout then you’re less likely to stick with it and that means not the right workout for you. So pick something that you are excited to do!!

    3. Put it in your calendar! There is a reason this tip keeps popping up. By writing/typing something into your calendar, you make a commitment to follow through and that is SO important! Side note: we are obsessed with all of the Women’s Health Planners and they are getting ready to release the new one for 2018! If you need a good one, this is it!

    4. Make small, sustainable changes. If you are currently sedentary it might be a bit ambitious for you to expect yourself to dive right into a ½ marathon training program. Instead, consider doing a couch to 5k program or set a challenging but realistic step goal. Listen sister, we absolutely do not want to discourage you from setting big goals (we LOVE big goals) but we also want you to consider that you are trying to make lasting changes. That means adopting healthy habits for a lifetime so be honest about with yourself about what you are willing and capable of doing and build that sense of self-efficacy!! If you need a refresher on making small, sustainable changes and goal setting check out our 14 video series on identifying, setting and succeeding in your health goals!

    5. Find a buddy to hold you accountable.Having a girlfriend that you can lean on when you are in an exercise slump is PRICELESS. Be selective when choosing your buddy. You need someone who is willing to hold you accountable when you need to be. In choosing this buddy, make sure YOU do the same for HER!!

What do you think, girls? Are these tips helpful? Do you have a buddy in mind? Tag her in the comments or share on her page. If you don’t have someone to lean, lean on us by following our Facebook and checking in on Instagram. We would love to be your buddy! We hope you girls have a super National Women’s Health and Fitness Day!