Finding Time for God in the Midst of Our Busy Lives

Hey, girlfriend, have you spent time with God today? This week? How about this month? If I’m being honest, and I hope you will be honest with me too, doesn’t it seem like we are ALWAYS busy?! We're all guilty of pushing things off just a bit further down the road “Tomorrow…” “Once the next season hits…” or “After my promotion…”  

When does the procrastination stop?

Mamas, let’s agree that we are all busy. And, while there may be some seasons of our lives that ebb and flow smoother than others, remember that no matter where you stand-finding and creating time for our Creator is a non-negotiable. 

Listen to my conversation with Maggie to learn more about why this is SO important for you!

While it may seem difficult for you to find time for God, what if I told you my number one tip requires zero ADDITIONAL time? Instead of searching for time that you don;t seem to have, rather than trying to fit God in, let’s INCORPORATE Him into our daily routines, struggles, and ‘BUSY!’ Our intent is there, but sometimes, even with our best intentions, if a sick kiddo or an unexpected ‘to-do’ pops up, it requires more "pushing off" to another day or another season when we hope life will be less hectic. So, mama, here are three easy ways to intentionally incorporate more time  with God-no matter what your season is:

1. Start Your Week Selecting a Bible Verse

Go ahead, pick one! There is not a right or  wrong way to do this. You can flip randomly through your Bible and choose the one your finger lands on, or use some inspiration from Pinterest. Once you pick a verse, this will be your verse every day for the week. Start off each week reading it and thinking about how you can apply to your life at home, school, work, with friends, in finances, in health, the list goes on! Each day, when you encounter something difficult reference this verse. Read it, and use it as a reminder to spend a quick moment in prayer with God about your situation.

2. Multitask, Mama!

During your shower, while you get ready for work, or even if you drive to work, ride the subway, or carpool kiddos to practice or games, you can multitask and spend time with God! Take ADVANTAGE of this time to listen to worship music, download a podcast of devotions, bible verse discussions, or sermons. Integrating God into our daily routines will bring Him to the forefront of our lives and remind us to live more like Him everyday!

3. End Your Week Thanking God

Create a list at the end of each week writing out everything you are grateful for. It could be as small as having healthy food to fuel you and your family every evening, or as big as helping you reconnect with an old friend. This list is between you and God, and it allows you to take time to appreciate the blessings around you. We also LOVE this gorgeous journal to help you organize your thoughts + keep God's faithfulness at the front of your mind!

Remember, girlfriend, putting God first allows us to get in the right mindset and re-center for our husbands, kids, and household. God wants to be included in all aspects of our lives, so let’s rethink how we are inviting him into our daily routines and busy schedules. It will become easier and easier to keep at the forefront of our day-to-day busy!

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How do YOU find time in your busy day to spend time with God?