Feeling The “MOM FUNK”? Apply These 3 #momhacks STAT To Get BACK ON TRACK!

Hi, beautiful Momma!

If you’re anything like me, you know what a good “mom funk” feels like. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that most of us millennial Mommas have been through a funk or two throughout our motherhood journeys… wouldn’t you agree?!

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For me, I know when a “funk” is on the horizon if I’m feeling:

  • Blah/MEH

  • Cranky or short with myself, my child, and others

  • Lack of creativeness

  • Low on energy

  • Unfulfilled

  • Exhausted

  • Burned out

  • Overwhelmed

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You may feel these exact emotions or you may have a few more to add to the list~and that’s okay! Our first step in getting you out of that FUNK is to recognize how you’re feeling and then put forth the effort to change! Motherhood is tough, but it is SO worth it. You have been called, Momma! Recognize that God has placed these beautiful children in YOUR LIFE for a reason. What an honor that is!

If you’re feeling down, girl~I GOT YOU. I’ve been there and I still have my days BUT I don’t live there and I don’t want you to live in your funk either.

My 3 main strategies to overcome the “MOM FUNK” include:


If you can’t see it, how are you gonna fix it?! The first step towards ANY kind of change in life is acknowledging where we’re at-mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. If we’re not true to ourselves here, how will anything change? Think about it-if you’re a “stuffer” and frequently “stuff” your emotions, disappointments, set-backs, frustrations, and really anything else in life… eventually you’re going to wear yourself down and y’all, something is going to give (this could be your health, your mental health, your sanity.. you get the picture)! Plus, if we’re denying ourselves our true emotions, we’re really numbing out our pain which again, is NOT a good place to be.

In grad school (the most stressful season of my life to date), I would frequently numb out the feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, and exhaustion. After 9 months of this, my body completely shut down. Panic attacks. Anxiety attacks. Weight loss. Nausea. Do you see? My body gave out. Not to say yours will give you, this is just how my body responded. But our bodies hear and respond to what our mind says. 

BOTTOM LINE: Acknowledge where you’re at right now. Write down your feelings and move on to strategy  #2 (below )!

Commitment to NOT LIVE IN THE PIT

This strategy is a LIFE SAVER!! It actually reminds me of an awesome book by Beth Moore called: Get Out of That Pit! If you haven’t already, I highly suggest you read or listen to it~you’ll love it, and it will provide you with some tangible and biblical tools to THIRVE! So, back to our gameplan~strategy #2 is all about YOU deciding to not LIVE in your pit. If you’re there now, you have to make the decision to do the work to get out of the pit. Yes, this IS going to take hard work, but girl~ you can this! You dug yourself in and now it’s time for us to get you a path out! Let yourself FEEL the emotion(s) and then tell yourself you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get out of it! 


EEEK! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one!! This is ALL about you girl! So, you’ve acknowledged your emotions. You’ve decided that you’re going to start working on climbing out of your pit mentally. NOW, it’s time to fill your tank back up! The idea behind my last strategy is that you are truly taking time to recharge and reset your batteries. As Mommas, we’re CONSTANTLY giving to others-our children, our spouse, our home, our community, the PTSA, the soccer clubs… LITERALLY, ALL. THE. THINGS.

So, my challenge for YOU is to take control of your schedule. Set healthy boundaries. Structure your day so YOU plan what’s happening and when, NOT the other way around. Lastly, I want you to choose a few activities that you absolutely LOVE and sprinkle them into your schedule each and everyday!

Working out, reading, going for a walk outside, cooking, painting your nails, binge watching the latest netflix special, or learning to sew are all on my list and y’all.. I make it happen, WEEKLY. Find what serves you and what truly fills your tank back up and start incorporating these activities into your daily routine. Remember, you cannot POUR from an empty cup, so taking time to refill and honor yourself and your identify is KEY to being the  best Mom that you can be!

Momma, you are not confined to your PIT! You are capable and equipped with everything you need. RISE UP and tap into the role that God has placed on your life! Do you feel inspired and ready to take action now?? Let me know in the comments or over on INSTAGRAM! Excited for you girl! Also, go fill up your favorite mug with coffee or tea, + come join your newfound #momtribe inside the BMAB private Facebook group here!

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