5 Tips for Staying Active and Fit as a Family

Family Health: 5 Tips for Staying Active and Fit as a Family


Kick The Can, Capture The Flag, Summer Soccer Leagues… These were just a few of the activities I remember participating in as a child. My sister and I were fortunate enough to grow up in an active home and now I have that same passion as a little blonde haired girl on the soccer field to teach you how to incorporate activity into your everyday family routine.

It’s important to teach your children how to appreciate and live a healthy and nourished lifestyle. Why? When children learn these fundamental skills as a child, they will most likely carryover and be healthy adults. Yes, my dear.. this does have a ripple effect. In return, our nation and our world will become healthier and it ALL STARTS WITH YOU.

Never underestimate the power that YOU have on instilling healthy habits to our children.



Now, onto my 5 simple strategies for staying active and fit as a family! Remember, it does not have to be perfect. Instead, focus on small improvements every single day. Staying healthy and fit as a family is about learning, loving, and embracing the journey… one day at a time.

So shine on, Mom and get busy!

Proud of you.

Mean it.


5 Tips for Staying Active and Fit as a Family 

Family Walks (Before and After Dinner) 

-A great way to incorporate more physical activity into your day is to schedule evening walks (15 minutes is a great start!) before and after dinner. Take the dogs, the kids, your husband, and a bottle (or two!) of water. Not only will you be getting some quality family time, but you’ll also be helping your body with digestion and circulation! Triple win!

Get outside & Play

- This one may just be one of my favorites. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of PLAY. Play is a child’s occupation. Whether we’re in the warm summer months or the cold Alaska winters, bundle up and get outside.When your child plays outside, he/she enhance and strengthens their gross and fine motor skills (running, jumping, climbing, kicking, etc), learns how to play with others (following rules, play skills, etc), and gets a healthy dose of fresh air, which will help with a good night’s sleep (total MOM win). Here are a few ideas to get your started:

-Kick the can




-Outdoor sports

-Biking/Walking to practices and/or games

Make Chores Fun! 

-Chores CAN BE a dreaded task. Growing up, my sister and I had to complete a chore list before we were allowed to go to our sporting events. (Thanks Mom and Dad!) Today I want you to start putting a spin on family chore time. Add some fun music (pandora is a great option!), turn your chores into a game, sprinkle in a few dance moves (Micheal Jackson, anyone?!) and get creative!

Reduce and limit screen time 

-Ouch. This one may hurt a bit. It is not doubt that we live in a social media era. However, this does not give us an excuse to let our children (or ourselves) constantly sit in front of a screen, tablet, or phone. Place loving, but firm boundaries on your children’s screen time. Consider limiting their time to 30 minutes in the evening, after homework is done. Let your child experience a “perceived sense of control” by allowing him/her to set a timer for the screen time. When the timer goes off, the screen is over. Need some scientific proof? According to the MayoClinic, the effects of too much screen time may include: “-Obesity -Irregular Sleep -Behavior Problems -Impaired Academic Performance -Violence -Less time for Play“

Get to it, Mom!

Source: http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/childrens-health/in-depth/children-and-tv/art-20047952

 Family Fitness (Game Night!) 

-Lastly, make family game night a fitness night! HOW FUN! Gather all the kiddos on the block (and any parents who want to join!) and have a fun family fit night! You’ll be creating memories that last forever and will be instilling creative, healthy habits with your loved ones. Added bonus? Through in a healthy backyard BBQ with fresh fruits and grilled veggies!

Now get out and get busy!

I am rooting for you, Mom and this is SO something that you can have fun with. :)