My Experience Banking with Americord!

My Experience Banking with Americord!

FTC Disclaimer: Product was received. All options are my own. 

Hey Mommas!

Today I'm thrilled to share my experience in choosing to bank Brody's cord + tissue blood, along with my placenta with Americord!

As you guys know, choosing to bank your littles cord and tissue blood and your placenta is potentially a life saving decision and one that I highly recommend. In particular, I'd love to share my honest heart on our journey with Americord before, during, and after birth... so here we go!

Overall, the professionalism, communication, and timeliness of Americord was incredible! Being in Alaska, we obviously are thousands of miles away and still received stellar care and clear directions on how and what we were supposed to do. From day one, Americord felt like family. They genuinely cared about my health and Brody's and showed this through their weekly communication via email, text, and calls.

As a company, they were great at sending reminder emails and status updates to ensure we stayed on track with our checklist and to-dos. When I went into labor, my job was just that! To give birth. I handed the kit to my healthcare team when we first arrived at the hospital and from there, the staff took over. The directions provided by Americord were simple, easy to follow, and allowed my team to collect all the items needed immediately after delivery in a simple, timely manner.

Everything was then packaged up and sent off to the lab at the Americord HQ! We had a lovely woman pick up the box, which was right outside my hospital room. From there, I was notified via email that our goodies arrived and that everything was stored successfully! How easy is that, Mommas?!

I also received a text from one of the staff members congratulating my family on our latest addition and truly loved the personal touch they showered us with.Mommas, I highly recommend you using Americord for your banking experience. You will LOVE their community and family.

Americord, we love you guys.

Thank you so much for taking such good care of us and for your passion for the health of families.