Therapist Approved Tips For Children Who Have Trouble Sleeping

This blog post is centered around 3 insightful tips I recommend as an Occupational Therapist to my clients and one that may help your kiddo if he/she is experiencing difficulty in sleeping or falling asleep at night. Practicing good sleep hygiene is a vital piece in achieving success within this realm. Moms, give these tips a go and let us know how they work out!


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Therapist Approved: 3 Helpful Tips For Children Who Have Trouble Sleeping
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  1. White Sound: This is a rather simple trick and one that can come in many forms- from gentle lullabies, classical musicfansnature soundtrack, or an actual white sound machine. Many children may benefit from this sensory approach in that a low grade calming noise may provide just enough sound to block out distractions while providing a sense of calm. I’ve linked a few of my favorite recommendations above for you to experiment with, Momma!

    • Bonus Note: I personally use a fan, spa/nature music or mozart for our nighttime routine (then turn off prior to actually falling asleep)

  2. Deep Pressure: Okay, ladies… the therapist in me LOVES this tip!! Let me break this down for you in simple, simple, SIMMMMMPLE terms. When your baby is born, what is one of the very first things you do? SWADLE, right? Yes. Swaddling is literally an imitation of how baby feels inside your womb. The tactile and proprioceptive input received from deep pressure provides your baby with a sense of security and calmness. Likewise, your kiddo may be craving this deep pressure too! If your child is old enough to be sleeping with blankets (and weighted blankets at that!)- this may be a fanatic option for you. Other ideas include: deep pressure massage, BIG squishy hugs :), or a bed full of pillows for increased tactile/proprioceptive input. This sensory strategy should be calming and helpful for your little!

  3. Consistent Nighttime Routine: Having a consistent night time routine is so important for your child and his/her quality of sleep. With a predictable sequence, (i.e.: dinner, bath time, story, massage, prayer, lights out) your child will inherently feel confident, secure, established, and calm…. which results in a better night sleep! Although it’s not realistic to have a perfect routine overnight, try to establish a routine that works for you and your family and watch the impact it has on you and your family.

There you have it, Momma! Give these tips a go and see if they help with your little! If you are still finding difficulty in establishing a good sleep, consider talking with your local healthcare team  And don’t forget.. we’d love to teach you more tips and tricks just like these in order to truly service you in ROCKING motherhood.