5 Tips For Beating The Bloat!

If you are reading this blog post, I’m going to venture out and say that you have at one point experienced the common belly bloat. Although at times this can be caused from more serious health complications (in which you should seek medical help), many times feeling the common “belly bloat” can be a direct ramification of diet, lifestyle, stress, and/or menstruation.

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Below, I’ll be sharing my top 5 tips for beating the common bloat (tips that you can apply immediately). Enjoy, ladies and remember- small, healthy lifestyle shifts over time are what truly will allow your body, mind, and soul to HEAL from the inside, out.

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Tip #1: Rid your diet of anything sugar free, fat free, or “diet” 

  • A fabulous reminder for all my fellow Mommas who fall into the trap of modern day marketing. Ladies, hear my heart. You must be your own advocate when it comes to purchasing food items for yourself and for your family. Often times, many brands will alter labels to seem more attractive for consumers. Thus, key words like “sugar free” “fat free” and/or anything “diet” literally screams CHEMICALS. Rid your home of any food items that may have these labels and instead, opt for foods that are organic, natural, wholesome, and of course, coming straight from the source.

Tip #2: Stay Hydrated 

  • A tip you’ve heard since you were in 3rd grade, I totally get it. But I am also realistic in the sense that many women struggle with staying hydrated. I want you to start using a water bottle throughout your day (non-BPA of course) in order to help your system gently nourish, detoxify, and cleanse itself. Water, in essence, is one of the best things you can do for your body and belly if you are feeling bloated.

*(Fave hydrating products: water bottle with built in straw,  fruit/citrus infuser for water pitcher)*

Tip #3: Watch out for dairy and gluten 

Tip #4: Get to Moving, Girlfriend! 

  • When we sweat, we burn calories, eliminate toxins, reduce nerves, and cleanse out that belly bloat. Cardio, strength, stretch, and active rest days are all important. Not just one or the other. Find a beautiful blend between the 4 and get busy!

Tip #5: Slow Your Roll, Momma! 

  • As a Blossom To Be Fit Woman, I know you want to do everything, for everyone, all the time. Sister- YOU ROCK and I mean that, but you can’t do it all. At some point, your body will let you know this, so take the preventative stance and SLOW DOWN. Learn to relax. Learn to stress less. Learn to enjoy the journey. Learn to let go of perfectionism. It is when we do these things and learn to let go while embracing our true journey, that stress, anxiety, and tension naturally leave the body (which in return, eliminates the unwanted bloat from a build up of stress hormones (also known as cortisol  ). 

Beat Your Bloat with my unique approach, lovely one. You can do this and I am here every step of the way for you. If you are ready to kick up your health and wellness even more, consider becoming a  Abundant Motherhood Club Member today. We would love to service you  here!



(Listen in to this blog via audio format on The Blossoming Mommy and Baby Show HERE!)