Why You and Your Health Need a Social Media Detox (and how to do it!)

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Happy Motivational Monday, Mommas!

Today I’m tackling a topic that is so near and dear to my heart. One that I see so many Moms struggle with and one that is a rising issue within our technology driven society. Mommas, hear my heart- technology is SUCH a blessing. It allows for the sharing of knowledge, connection, awareness, giving, education, support and SO MUCH MORE!

With technology readily available at our fingertips, we must be disciplined to use it in a healthy and balanced manner. If not… technology can negatively impact our relationships, self-worth, mental health (anxiety/depression), thought process, time management, and boundaries.

Mommas, I want you to use technology and ENJOY it but I want you to also not let it RUN your life. Below you’ll find a few of my top tips and personal strategies for ROCKING a social media detox. It’s a gorgeous step by step plan that’s easy-peasy and ready for you to tackle!


Jennifer’s 3 Step Social Media Detox 

  • Set a time limit. Ah, yes… the good ol’ time limit! A simple strategy but one that often gets disregarded as we get older :). Moms, just as you set limits for your kids, YOU need a time limit on when you’ll go online and when you’ll STAY offline. Set a limit and stick to it. (#discipline)

  • Don’t just SCROLL. To connect with family, friends, and positive influencers is FABULOUS and highly encouraged (within your time limits  ). This is how I connect and meet you and many fabulous women and brands around the world! BUT this becomes dangerous and detrimental to your health (especially when comparison, feelings of guilt, inferiority, and anxiety creep in). When you’re online, have a mission and be intentional! And remember… don’t just scroll to scroll 

  • HAVE A DETOX DAY ONCE A WEEK! The online world will still be there, PROMISE! I want you to take one day a week (and extra days on vacation!) to completely unplug from social media. Delete the apps from your phone and sign off on your desktop. Turn off notifications, email, and calls. Spend this day completely engaged with your family, children, in nature, with friends, with a good book, at church… whatever day you decide, detox away Momma!

PS- if you’re looking for a few good books to read on your detox day (and throughout the week!) here’s a list of my favorites (and a few of my current reads below!)

  1. Lioness Arising 

  2. Unashamed 

  3. Without Rival 

  4. Get Out of That Pit 

  5. So Long Insecurity, You’ve Been a Bad Friend to Us

In love and health,