Jennifer’s Current Reads {Book Recommendations for EVERY #blossomingwoman}

Books, Books, and Booooooooooks! 

Ladies, you know how important books are as you journey through life as a #blossomingmommyandbabywoman!!

I recommend that you always have a book (or two ) on your nightstand AND in audio format. For me, audible has been a LIFE SAVER. If you are unfamiliar, it is LITERALLY the modern day version of a “book on tape.” Although there are days when I prefer a good ol’ book with actual pages (no digital downloads )- it is great to have both. So, find your preference- what works for you and your lifestyle and stick to it.


Now, why books?! Sister- They are AMAZING for your body, mind, and soul! Think about it. Each time you read is a chance for you to grow in wisdom, knowledge, and grace. It is an opportunity for you to connect and learn from the BEST of the BEST in all aspects of life. I LOVE keeping my bookshelf full of helpful reads in the following categories:

  • Christianity

  • Motherhood/Wifey-hood

  • Science + Health

  • Business + Entrepreneurship

  • Leadership

  • Style (Home, Garden, Clothing)

Today, on The Blossoming Mommy and Baby Show, I’ll be sharing my current April reads (and yes… even a few of my all-time fave that MUST make an appearance on your shelf today!) ?

Inside Grounded + Glowing I frequently suggest and share helpful reads during EACH part of our client’s grounding journey. It is SO fun to see our #bmab ladies recommendations and current reads too! Similar to our G+G clients, ALLLLLL Blossoming Beauties in our Blossom After Baby community KNOW the importance of beautiful reads (and to be filling her soul!) every single month!

This location is literally my favorite place to read! What is yours, sweet girl?


Okay, enough with the writing!! Let’s get onto my top books (and current reads!!) for all #blossomingwomen this month!! Tune into The Blossoming Mommy and Baby Show  on your podcast app (for automatic downloads each month!!) and/or from your desktop HERE! Don’t forget! Share this episode with a GIRLFRIEND who would LOOOOOVE this line up!

Here is what I will be going over on the show today:

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