Freezer Crockpot Meal MUSTS + How-To!

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In celebration of our 100th episode (I still can’t believe it! ), I wanted to share something SUPER fun. A healthy segment that many of our Mommas have requested! So, with the changing of seasons and prep week beginning for our Grounded + Glowing Clients, there is NO better time than right now to ensure your week and month is off to a FABULOUS and HEALTHY start!!

Grab your hats, ladies! This episode is going to ROCK… ALMOST as much as these SKINNY Peanut Butter Cups from Instagram.


Freezer Crockpot Meal MUSTS + How-To!

Okay girls, first things first… you have to know the dos’ and don’ts have freezer crockpot meals. First… the do’s!

  • Do get a crockpot with a timer. Here’s the one I use and swear by it. Thanks, Amazon prime 

  • Do take your freezer meals stored in gallon bags out the night before to DEFROST.

  • Do take time to plan out your meals in advance. Inside our Abundant Motherhood Club, I share monthly tips and tricks for ROCKING this aspect of your health. PS- one of our most popular membership teachings to date has been on all things MASTERING Meal Prep!! 

  • Do take your time. Don’t cook 300 meals in one day. Instead, take a day to shop. A day to plan. A day to cook. If you try doing TOO MUCH in one day- you’ll most likely burn yourself out and most likely will probably burn the food someway too (I kid… but in all seriousness.. enjoy the process!)

  • Do Label your bags!! Grab a sharpie and label EVERYTHING. Trust me, it will make your weeknights that much easier.

Now… for your don’ts!

  • Don’t compare your freezer crockpot meals to blogger professionals on the internet. Do what works for your family and if it tastes good and was EASY to make… you have got yourself a VICTORY!

  • Don’t mix your veggies and meat. There are mixed reviews on this and it truly comes down to YOUR preference. For us, I marinate separately, unthaw separately and yes… cook in the crockpot together. The choice is yours, but I prefer your keep things on the safe side.

  • Don’t leave your kitchen a mess. A happy kitchen is a CLEAN kitchen (or so… I always tell my husband!) You are done cooking up your favorite meals, make sure you wash your dishes and CLEAN up that kitchen! No one wants to walk into or wake up to a dirty, messy kitchen. (A few of my favorite cleaning products include:spray  and homemade disinfectant wipes).

  • Don’t get discouraged. I know it can be overwhelming to start a new (and healthy!) regimen. Like with anything in life…. remember to take baby steps. You are not going to have this skill down overnight, nor should you expect yourself to! Relax, celebrate your small victories, and just keep working at this craft until you become a MASTER! Your health and the health of your family will thank you!

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