Easy Peasy Toy Rotation Implementation

Hey Sister! I’m just LOVINGGGG today’s topic on Toy Rotations as it covers multiple Blossoming Mommy + Baby pillars including financial savings, organization, a focus on our kiddos, and mommy sanity.  If these pillars interest you, mama, come join our Grounded + Glowing Program to improve on these topics and implement LIFE changing habits for you and your home <3 . While the idea of implementing a toy rotation may sound like a daunting task to add to our already busy schedules; hear out my main reasons on WHY this change up in your household should move to the top of your priority list in the coming weeks!


Check out our resource guide for step-by-step instructions on how EASILY to start a toy rotation in your house without the headache of thinking about the details, we’ve got you, mama!

1.  Help Declutter + Organize

  • Take a second to think about ALL of the toys in your house at this very moment...and think about the toys that are in each room of your house.... a lot, right?! Have no fear mama! This is where a toy rotation can help solve all of these problems. With a quick collection of ALL of the toys to determine what toys stay out 100% of the time. Now get to organizing, tossing, and donating, sister!

2. Keep Kids Engaged + Creative

  • As an Occupational Therapist, the idea to build each toy box in the rotation around age appropriate and learning themes makes my mama heart SO happy! Age appropriate themes like trains, puzzles, books, dress up, arts & crafts, and learning themes such as fine motor skills, sensory skills, curiosity and problem solving skills, and social/emotional skills are all ideas for you to try out. No matter how you decide to build your toy boxes, a regular toy rotation can help keep your kiddos engaged! Keeping kids interested in anything can be tough, especially with their toys. This is where implementing a toy rotation can help you, mama! This method allows kids to see the toys for a shorter amount of time (typically a week) and less often due to the rotation schedule.

  • Another AMAZING benefit from implementing a toy rotation is the unlimited amount of toy combos! Hello new playing and learning experiences! Bonus Blossom Tip: Allow your kids to help you build the boxes! Get them enthusiastic about this idea and eager to create new toy combinations.

3. Save Money on Toys

  • Mama, if you’re anything like me this tip has got you all SORTS of excited!! Any opportunity to re-work the finances to save where I can, yet still provide for my family is a Blossom win! Based on the last tip of keeping our littles engaged using a toy rotation, this will require less toy purchases! When your kids open up the week’s toy box they become excited again to play with a toy they most likely forgot about! Of course, there are times where we can budget in purchasing new toys for our kids, I would never want to take that away from them, however the toy rotation method TRULY helps you track and budget for toy purchases more intentionally!

Don’t forget!! You will want to keep a primary toy area accessible by your littles as often as they would like. We recommend the toys that stay out are your kiddos’ favorites; as well as those larger toys and accessories – like a play kitchen with all of the play food and cooking utensils, for example.

There are numerous ways to implement a toy rotation: Weekly, Monthly, or even throughout the day!

  • If you choose weekly, every Sunday your kids will collect all of the toys for the box and pack it up for storage. The box labels I recommend in our step-by-step resource guide, below, help you quickly check and make sure ALL toys are included and put away. Then on Monday, a new toy box is rotated through! A monthly schedule would look similar to this.

  • If you implement a toy rotation each day, you may decide to create toy boxes for the times of day: a Morning Box (could include quieter toys that allow time for waking up calmly), an Afternoon Box (could include more active play and/or musical instruments), a Busy Box (could include toys and activities that allow mama to get some work done on her own around the house or even some “me” time, knowing that your little one has all of the toys necessary for independent learning and play).

Mama, these are just ideas, you know your family and your schedule BEST, so use these as guides to help frame up what works best for you and your kids. Share on social media and tag us at #blossomingmommyandbaby on how YOU implement a Toy Rotation, can’t wait to see your ideas!