DIY Natural Beach Waves Sea Salt Spray

Dry Shampoo, Beach Waves Sea Salt Spray, and Top Knot buns are a few of my favorite and most requested hair styles for shoots, videos, and travel. Today I'm sharing my secret DIY recipe for absolutely GORGEOUS beach wave hair. Literally, gals... it's like Southern California or a Stroll through Maui in a bottle! You are going to L-O-V-E IT!

This recipe can be created in your own kitchen, is extremely cost effective, and will leave your hair feeling and smelling like you came straight from the ocean! With this recipe, you'll find a combination of texture, hydration, and nourishment, leaving your hair deliciously infused with beach vibes!

How To: 

-Mix all ingredients listed below and gently pour into spray bottle

-Shake until salt has dissolved

-Spray on damp hair (I let my hair air dry for approx. 20 minutes before spraying)

-Scrunch freshly sprayed hair with hands and let hair finish air drying '

-If necessary, touch up waves with 1 inch curling iron to finalize look

-Viola! Your natural mermaid locks are done!

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DIY Natural Sea Salt Spray