Discover Conscience + Present Parenting Tips

Happy Fourth of July, girlfriend! I hope you are enjoying some time with family and friends this holiday around BBQs, pools, lakes, or mountains!

Throughout the summer holidays, we tend to spend EXTRA time with our kiddos and it always reminds me how precious this time with them is, and how impressionable they truly are. I am committed to the intentions I have to be a conscience and present parent because Mommas.. it GOES SO FAST and the impact we have on our children's lives will last a lifetime!

As you spend these precious summer days and nights with your babes, I pray that the three disciplines we go over below serve as friendly reminders on how our small choices can leave such a significant mark on our children. Today's message should inspire you and encourage you to make the BEST choices every single day! Let's get to it!


Demonstrate Thankfulness + Gratitude

Mama, we talk A LOT about gratitude~ it is the Blossoming Mommy and Baby Way! (Learn more about the #BMABWay inside Grounded + Glowing  if you're feeling STUCK in Motherhood)  Recognizing the abundance of blessings we have as wives and mothers, and being thankful each day for the smallest and largest gifts are crucial as role models to our children. Teaching our kids how to appreciate what they have, rather than being greedy and ALWAYS WANTING MORE starts with US! Let’s show our littles how to be thankful and live out those actions daily as conscience mommas.

  • Try This: End each day with your kids listing one physical or non-physical item, or person they are thankful for and praying about it.

Share Your Own Challenges

We face challenges and fears daily as wives, moms, sisters, daughters, and friends. We ALL have them. Let’s show our children how we lean into those fears and challenges as women of God, and how we use Him to focus not on what scares us, but how we OVERCOME them. We can be conscience and present parents by encouraging problem solving skills, persistence, learning from mistakes, focusing on the positives in any situation.... the list goes on, mama! Our kids look up to us, so don’t discount sharing with them examples of when you overcame your challenges and how you did so in order to grow!

  • Try This: Instead of asking the same question “How was your day?” Next time, ask your kiddo, “What is one challenge you faced today?” (You will be amazed at how the rest of the conversation unfolds and how you might help your babe learn to problem solve).

Encourage BIG Dreams

Creativity start at such a young age, and can quickly diminish if not fostered. Support your kids’ ideas and encourage their sense of curiosity. Get excited WITH them. Focusing on their journey of an idea, rather than limiting their thoughts with what you think the outcome will or should be is an important reminder to us as adults. Use these moments to reassure them that working hard for their dreams IS possible and achievable. Remember, our children look to us for approval.Your words and actions will STICK WITH them.

  • Try This: Use this opportunity to teach them how they can make long-term goals more manageable with their approach to goal-setting. What a beautiful skill to learn at such an early age, mama, don’t you think?!

Momma, don’t let the idea of conscience and present parenting feel intimidating. You are doing an AMAZING job raising those sweet kids of yours! Share with us how these examples helped build your relationship with your children, I look forward to hearing all about it!