Designing a Breastfeeding Sanctuary


Hi girlfriend! If you are willing and capable of breastfeeding then this is the perfect post for you! Breastfeeding is such a beautiful opportunity to make a deep connection to your sweet baby. It has also been proven to lower the risk of postpartum depression, reduce post-delivery bleeding and stimulate uterine contractions which helps your uterus return to it’s normal size faster. Despite the many benefits, many mothers struggle with breastfeeding beyond the 6 month mark because it can be emotionally taxing and logistically challenging. By designing a breastfeeding sanctuary that has all of the right equipment and provides maximum comfort you set yourself up for success!Your breastfeeding sanctuary doesnot have to cost a fortune and will most likely look very different from ours. Feel and functionality are paramount here! Choose a space where you feel most comfortable. If you like peace and quiet look for an area that provides that. For those of you who like to chat or be social while nursing, select a spot that’s not tucked away. Now that you’ve found your space these are the items you might like to have:

Comfy Chair– you are going to spend a lot of your time in this chair so make sure it supports your body.

Cozy blanket– having a cozy blanket at your fingertips is a MUST during marathon and middle of the night nursing sessions.

Pillow Prop– chances are that you will need a pillow to prop baby up- the boppy is great for this-  and possibly a throw pillow slide behind your back to minimize aches and pains.

Stash of supplies– place a nursing basket stocked with nipple cream, burp clothes, water bottle, tissue, reading material and nutrient dense snacks next to your comfy chair. This basket will be your lifesaver when baby falls asleep in your arms and you don’t want to disturb him/her.

Sturdy Side table– A sturdy table to place your drinks and anything else that you might need to grab while nursing!

Refreshing House Plant– perhaps a houseplant is not the first thing that pops to mind when designing your breastfeeding sanctuary but hear us out! Houseplants can remove the majority of air pollutants from your home in just one day! Chrysanthemums, English Ivy and Peace Lily’s are great options!

Now we want to hear from you, mama! Do you have a breastfeeding sanctuary? What do you keep there and how does it make nursing your little one easier?