DEFINE the life you want to have - Stop Procrastinating TODAY!

Hey sister-friend, Happy Wednesday! I hope you are having a great week, and ROCKING that mom life and that to-do list. How do you handle to-do lists?

  • Is yours growing without an end in sight?

  • Does your to-do list overwhelm you?

  • Does the thought of tackling ALL of the day-to-day tasks, the larger projects, and the unexpected responsibilities feel burdensome and exhausting?!

Mama, I get it. We’ve all been there at some point or another, especially when it seems to happen all at once and everything feels like a pile-on. I want to help eliminate procrastinating your to-do lists once and for all…stop procrastinating TODAY!

Procrastination holds us back from living intentionally and purposefully. I’m going to repeat that sentence again, Procrastination holds us back from living intentionally and purposefully.

Procrastinating is the enemy working to keep us from being fully present in everything we do each day with our family and friends. When we procrastinate the tasks that are necessary to keep our household running, it prevents us from taking inspired action!  If this speaks to you, mama, I want to personally invite you to sign up for our Grounded + Glowing program where we dive deep and help you get UNSTUCK in motherhood.


First, let’s create a list of our values. Once our values are clear, this can help us tackle any obstacle we face, as we can ask ourselves, does this task, issue, problem, opportunity, etc. align with my values? Depending on the answer, it helps guide you more deliberately in continuing to define your DESIRED and CHOSEN happiness in all aspects! A gratitude journal is a PERFECT way to reflect on your values and find themes that are important to you and your family.


Prepare a list! Let’s really sit down and write down ALL tasks that we have in our minds, on various sticky notes, and in multiple phone calendar reminders, and hand-written planners. Write it ALL down in one place, from small to large. This journal is AMAZING to keeping track of small and large goals and this book/journal is AMAZING to organize your lists and thoughts. There is not a wrong answer to this step, it just needs to include anything that you continue to procrastinate, that creates overwhelm and chaos, and steals your peace in living intentionally and purposefully.


Now, roll up those sleeves and organize your list by bucketing the items on your list by category:

  1. Tasks that are urgent/Must be completed (i.e. paying bills)

  2. Tasks that will have the most impact (i.e. meal prep and grocery shop)

  3. Tasks that if you get nothing else done will make you feel accomplished (i.e. cleaning or organizing/cleaning out your closet.

Pick out the tasks in category one that are quick and easy to complete, it will help you gain energy to tackle the larger/longer tasks. Now, those large and daunting tasks? Break them down into smaller more manageable tasks that you can work towards accomplishing, more on that here!

Moving forward

Depending on how long your original list is, Steps 1-3 could take you several days or a few weeks to really get through. However, once you get to a place where your list is more manageable, we need to make sure you continue to avoid procrastinating in the future. When adding tasks to your list, ask yourself if it aligns with your values in order to live a more meaningful and fulfilled life you are DEFINING! If so, then place it into one of the three categories (or maybe you have created additional categories…that is AWESOME, mama!)

Setting your intentions is a POWERFUL way to hold yourself accountable, mama! Show up, work hard, work smart, and give it your all everyday because you have something incredible to offer and you don’t want to stifle that due to dealing with the overwhelm of procrastinating. Do it for you, do it for your family, do it for a more joy-filled, intentional life that YOU create!