Decadent Frozen Chocolate + PB Banana Bites

Another delicious and healthy dessert is awaiting for you! These frozen banana bites are a perfect treat for the late night sweet tooth or for an afternoon pick-me up. Packed full of protein and powerhouse nutrition, this recipe will leave your stomach and tastebuds satisfied and is a yummy snack the entire family will enjoy!



-1 banana (sliced)

-1/8 cup almond butter

-2 T organic chocolate chips (dark)

-1/2 tsp coconut oil


-Thinly slice entire banana

-Gently layer almond butter on 1/2 of bananas and top with remaining bananas to create a "banana sandwich"

-Melt chocolate chips + coconut oil for 40 seconds (over stovetop or microwave)

-Gently dip "banana sandwiches" into chocolate mixture

-Place dipped bananas on wax paper -Let freeze for 30 minutes

Enjoy :)

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